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Workshop for the development of ideas of the Metabody Group - Commons Body

Open code space - Interactive/Intra-active architecture

This 5-day workshop, within the frame of the European project Metabody, aims at the development of ideas of interactive/intra-active architecture: an architecture which transforms physically in all its aspects through the movement of the participants and theior surrounding.

The workshop proposes a redefinition of space as a dynamic reality, not static, nor merely functional, and at the same time gives an alternative to the modern interactive architecture, which tends to the production of environments of control, where research is focused on the foreseeing or predicting of behaviors within the frame of functional surroundings.

Open workshop after registrstion with this form until November 23rd.
Tour y performance los días 4 y 5 a las 19:00h.

Coordinated by Jaime del Val and Reverso

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Workshop on performing arts, humor and science fiction. Open call for projects

Building new repertoire for the scientific broadcasting through performance, humor and technology.

Science Fiction is an investigation and production workshop for prototypes and stage pieces on scientific broadcasting, representation and humor, in collaboration with the Area of Science and Environment of the Fundación “La Caixa”, and continuing the trajectory initiated in 2009 with the project HelloWorld! Contemporay performing arts creation and new technologies.

During the work process, we will follow Medialab-Prado's methodology: an open call for projects is published, of which 7 projects will be selected, and afterwards there will be a workshop for the simultaneous development of those projects in interdisciplinary workgroups made up of the promoter and the interested collaborators, assisted by a group of expert consultants.

Idea and coordination: David Rodríguez.
Teachers: Lorena Iglesias (Canódromo Abandonado) and David Rodríguez.
Collaborators: Miguel Noguera and Cristina Blanco.

Workshop dates: 15 - 20 December 2014
Open call for projects: October 31st - November 30th
Open call for collaborators: December 1st

Sign up with this form.

With the collaboration of Obra Social “La Caixa”
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HackGriculture: Joining science and agricultural data. Call for collaborators (and selected projects)

HackGriculture is a hackathon in which 5 projects will be developed, all of them incorporating the use of open agicultural data with several purposes, provided by different tools and services and encouraging collaborative approaches.

Open call to collaborate in HackGriculture: Joining science and agricultural data which takes place on December 12 and 13, 2014. The collaborators will participate in the production of the selected projects, in order to work with agricultural data with different intentions.

Registration required. Deadline: December 12th. Sign up with this form.

Talleres introductorios al uso de máquinas del FabLab

Talleres introductorios para adquirir nociones de uso y funcionamiento de las máquinas de fabricación digital del FabLab de Medialab-Prado.

Número máximo de plazas: 8 personas por sesión (los talleres empiezan a las 16:50; se ruega puntualidad).

Talleres gratuitos previa inscripción en un formulario que se activará el viernes anterior al taller correspondiente. Te confirmaremos que tienes plaza enviándote un email.

Más información: fablab[arroba]

Sábados Flúor otoño 2014

¡Vuelven los Sábados Flúor!

Actividades destinadas al público infantil, juvenil y familiar todos los sábados por la mañana.

Entre los temas que se abordarán en las distintas sesiones hay talleres sobre la soberanía alimentaria, la astronomía, los peces alienígenas, los videojuegos o el papel bacteriano.

Bleeps&Chips - Analog Modular Synthesis

In the workshop "Bleeps&Chips / Analog Modular Synthesis" each attendee will put together a monophonic synthesizer that can be controlled by MIDI protocol. This workshop wants to provide the basics of sound creation with these devices in a practical way and through experimentation.

Number of vacancies: 12 attendees working in pairs. Sign up here.
Price: 165 euros per atendee (Includes materials).

More info: Bleeps&Chips.

Call for Collaborators. Wanting to and Being Able to Screen in the City 2014-2015

Which contents potential spectators are interested in seeing on the city’s screens? Do you want to learn more about about the legislation, rules and conditions that determine what contents can be screened freely, openly and civically?

During this course (2014-2015) the research leads to a workshop that aims to clarify which are the limits and how do they affect the uses of the public space. As a case study we will focus on film contents in Medialab-Prado's digital facade.

Project curated by Nerea Calvillo and organized by n'UNDO, a reflection, debate adn action platform, selected through the Participatory City of Connecting Cities Network 2014 to be produced in Medialab-Prado.

Open registration to anyone interested in participating in the development of this project. Deadlie: September 30. December 31.


Resultados de la Convocatoria a Colaboradores para el Laboratorio Iberoamericano de Innovación Ciudadana #LabICMx

El pasado 8 de septiembre se abrió la convocatoria a colaboradores para participar en el diseño y prototipado de nuevas herramientas, plataformas y acciones en el Laboratorio Iberoamericano de Innovación Ciudadana #LabICMx que se celebrará del 24 de noviembre al 5 de diciembre de 2014 en la ciudad de Veracruz, México, en el marco de la XXIV Cumbre Iberoamericana de Jefas y Jefes de Estado y de Gobierno.
Hemos recibido más de 200 solicitudes, y luego de un intenso trabajo la organización ha seleccionado a 80 colaboradores de diferentes partes de Iberoamérica, que viajarán a Veracruz a trabajar al #LabICMx. Lo seleccionados son:
Ongoing events
22.11.2014 11:00h - 14:00h

Biobooks: baterian paper and ink

Do you want to make your own biobook? 

Organized by: Waag Society, Institute for Art, Science  & Technology 

35 vacancies for children ages 8-12.

Registration is required with this form

22.11.2014 20:00h - 23:00h

Space Invaders and #programalaplaza. Interactive showcase

Space Invaders: A game created by boys and girls with ages between 8 and 14 years old within the frame of the activity CoderDojo. Come to the Plaza de las Letras to play this giant Space Invaders.

#programalaplaza: Showcase of a selection of experimental and interactive graphic proposals.

Upcoming events view +
23.11.2014 12:30h - 14:30h

Interactivos?'14: Repensar la acción y el comportamiento colectivos. Presentación de resultados del taller

Taller de prototipado colaborativo y simposio internacional  

Interactivos?'14 propone ensamblar diferentes tipos de conocimiento, disciplinas y perspectivas en torno a lo colectivo a través de un programa que incluye un taller de producción colaborativa en el que se han seleccionado 9 proyectos para ser desarrollados en grupos interdisciplinares que investigan nuevos caminos para analizar, comprender y fomentar formas de acción y comportamiento colectivo que benefician la vida en común. 

[streaming en directo] 

23.11.2014, 25.11.2014 - 30.11.2014, 02.12.2014 - 07.12.2014, 09.12.2014 - 14.12.2014, 16.12.2014 - 21.12.2014, 23.12.2014 - 28.12.2014, 30.12.2014 - 04.01.2015 20:00h - 23:00h

Space Invaders and #programalaplaza. Interactive showcase

Space Invaders: A game created by boys and girls with ages between 8 and 14 years old within the frame of the activity CoderDojo. Come to the Plaza de las Letras to play this giant Space Invaders.

#programalaplaza: Showcase of a selection of experimental and interactive graphic proposals.

24.11.2014, 22.12.2014, 26.01.2015, 23.02.2015, 23.03.2015, 27.04.2015, 25.05.2015, 29.06.2015 19:00h - 21:00h

Weaving networks around Langdon Winner's book «The whale and the reactor»

Workgroup within the frame of the Commons Lab which will get together periodically during this schools year to read and analyze «The whale and the reactor», and create conceptual and empirical connections in this book by Langdon Winner. event promoted by Javier de la Cueva.

The program is open to anybody interested in participating, and will be carried out throughoutten sessions, one every month, from 19:00h - 21:00h.


It is not necessary to sign up for any of the sessions

For doubts and further information, please write to laboratorioprocomun[arroba]

25.11.2014 18:00h - 20:00h

Intellectual property in the digital era

We will explain a general panorama of intellectual property: Moral rights and patrimonial rights; exploitation rights and simple compensation rights; and the limits of intellectual property rights. Also, we will detail the concepts of «Copyleft» and «Commons», and we will explain the different «Creative Commons» licenses.

26.11.2014 16:50h - 20:00h

Introductory workshop to routing and milling with the CNC machine

Introductory workshop to acquire basic notions of the usage and capabilities of the CNC machine at Medialab-Prado's FabLab.

Maximum number of participants: 8 people (punctuality is requested). Free workshop after signing up with this form. NO VACANCIES

More info: fablab[arroba] 


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