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First Meeting of Data Journalism Work Group

16.11.2011 17:30h

Place: Medialab-Prado. Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 · Madrid

First meeting of the data journalism work group presented during the Seminar on Data Journalism in October 2011. With the presence of Alberto Cairo and Alberto Alcaraz, who will inaugurate the series of talks on data journalism and will talk about the importance of visualization in data journalism. [live streaming]

> Work Plan
> Lecuture by Alberto Cairo: El arte funcional: regreso a las raíces de la visualización
> Presentation by Alberto Alcaraz: Desgranando visualizaciones; Eurovision y la Crisis
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Work Plan

The plan for the first meeting is to finish giving shape to the group and defining with more precision the work and meeting schedule for 2012.

The organizing group will present the work and meeting schedule they have planned for 2012 and complete them with suggestions from the rest of the group. The discussion will include the most appropriate work form and dynamics  and subjects to be addressed in upcoming meetings. Proposals for mini-workshops, names of people we would like to come to give a talk, and events on data journalism worth including in the schedule are all welcome.

At present, proposed subjects and dates are as follows:

- 12.01.2012. Mini workshop and talk on data capture. 

- 09.02.2012. Mini workshop and talk on data analysis and processing

- 08.03.2012. Mini workshop and talk on data presentation and visualization.

- 12.04.2012. Barcamp on data journalism.

- 10.05.2012. Topic to be defined.

- 14.06.2012. Topic to be defined.

- Production workshops for Autumn 2012.


19:00h Lecture by Alberto Cairo: Functional Art: A Return to the Roots of Visualization

The combination of data visualization and graphics is turning into an everyday language, used in the media, marketing and science.  This poses a huge opportunity but also a great challenge: as the use of visual communication tools becomes widespread, a lack of knowledge of the basic principles behind their creation becomes more common: the fusion of functionality and aesthetics, a respect for readers' intelligence, rigour and precision, and the need of experimenting every day with innovative forms.

19:45h Presentation by Alberto Alcaraz (Undefined): Breaking Down Visualization; Eurovision and the Crisis

A brief overview of two data journalism solutions will be presented, aiming to identify the key elements and challenges of this type of development.

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