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2nd Inclusiva-net Meeting: call for projects (closed)

The Medialab-Prado programme calls for the presentation of proposals to be carried out within the 2nd Inclusiva-net Meeting: Digital Networks and Physical Space that will take place from 3 to 14 March 2008.

Important dates:

  • Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline: January 30 2008 at midnight (Madrid local time, GMT+1)

  • Notification of acceptance: February 8 2008

  • Beginning of the workshop : March 3 2008


Medialab-Prado, Madrid (C/ Alameda, 15 · 28014 Madrid)


Julian Oliver, Lalya Gaye, Juan Martín Prada


Purpose of the open call

The purpose of this open call is to choose a maximum of 10 projects to be developed collaboratively at a two week workshop. The selected projects will be developed with the aid of three instructors, in addition to a large group of assistants and collaborators.

The open call is aimed at creators and professionals in the fields of graphic and web design, art, sociology, education, geography, architecture, urbanism, audiovisual communication, advertising, cultural management, information science, environmental studies, mathematics, statistics, computer science, or any other field related to the subject matter of the 2nd Inclusiva-net Meeting.

Proposals may be presented by individuals or groups. Each participant or team may present as many projects as they wish.

Applicants do not need to possess all the technical knowledge needed to perform their proposed projects but should present ideas that are open to the participation of other interested collaborators who may contribute to carrying them out during the workshop.

There are two ways to participate in the workshop:

  • As the promoter of a creative project.
The necessary means and advising to carry out the selected projects will be made available by Medialab-Prado Madrid, as far as possible.
  • As a collaborator on one of the selected projects.

In order to facilitate the formation of interdisciplinary work groups, an idea exchange forum will be created where specific knowledge may be offered or requested to carry out each proposal.

Once the projects have been selected (February 8), a second call will be announced to those persons who wish to take part in the production process of the works.

General workshop information

Technical requirements

The selection committee will make a detailed evaluation of the technical feasibility of carrying out the projects. For that reason, projects with clearly specified technical and spatial requirements will be judged positively.

Projects will be carried out and exhibited at the Medialab-Prado buildings. Medialab will contribute only the basic equipment and means to produce the selected projects, pending prior application from the proposal’s author(s).

Should the committee have doubts about any technical requirements, they will contact the authors of the proposal.


The workshop will be held partly in Spanish and partly in English, with no translation.

Travel and lodging aid

Pending application, Medialab-Prado will provide lodging in a Youth Hostel for participants residing outside of Madrid and will consider the possibility of covering travel expenses wholly or in part, on a case by case basis.

Results showcase

A public display of the developed projects (or documentation about them) will be set up at the Medialab-Prado space once the workshop has ended. A summary of the developed projects and any other materials and links needed to present them properly to the public will be published at the Medialab-Prado website.


All those interested in taking part in the workshop or in the theoretical discussion group should complete and submit the application form published at

Application deadline

30 January 2008

Further information

For further information contact:

Final Decision

Selection committee

The selection committee will comprise the workshop instructors, Juan Martín Prada and Medialab-Prado.

Assessment of the projects

Projects will be judged based mainly on:

Notification of selected projects

The final list will be announced on 8 February 2008 and applicants will receive notification by email.

Winners’ obligations

The winner individuals or groups agree to attend the encounter from 3 to 14 March. They also agree to finish their proposed projects, as far as possible.

The winner individuals or groups may use equipment, pending prior application and approval. Any expenses in material or rental equipment not previously planned for or approved of will be paid by the project authors.

Projects carried out will be the property of their author(s), although whenever said projects are shown at festivals or exhibits, and whenever images of said projects are reproduced in catalogues or websites, their relation with the Inclusiva-net meeting held at Medialab- Prado should be mentioned. The names of the people who collaborated in developing the projects should also be shown.

Projects exhibited may be shown in printed catalogues and on the Medialab-Prado website.

Entry constitutes acceptance of all contest rules.

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