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Open call · Second Inclusiva-net Meeting: Digital Networks and Physical Space (closed)

The purpose of this open participation meeting is to explore the relationship between digital networks and physical space in the context of the increasingly widespread use of portable technology and Web applications in connection with the production and management of geographic information. March 3-14, 2008. Deadline: 30 January. CLOSED CALL

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2º Encuentro Inclusiva-net

In this meeting, the impact of these devices and platforms on the development of new dynamics and experiences of communicative interaction will be analyzed from the perspective of a broad range of fields including art, anthropology, journalism, politics, sociology, and urban development.

Core topics suggested for this meeting are:
  • New social habits on Web 2.0 related to physical space and geo-localization. The formation of participatory media contents based on spatial annotation: georeferencing and geotagging. Artistic and critical analysis proposals related to these fields.
  • The development of geographic information systems in Web circles. Technological and social foundations of the emerging Geospatial Web and Geosemantic Web.
  • The design of alternative “geobrowsers” to use and manage geospatial data and geotagged information.
  • Bases of the local Web 2.0. “Urban markup” proposals on social networks. Sharing collective, localized memories. Applications in the field of education.
  • The evolution of open source types of cartographic and mapping tools, and of geosoftware production communities.
  • Blogs referring to contextual, specific places and areas (place blogging) and hyperlocal journalism. Socializing and critical potentials in the development of hyperlocal networks.
  • Projects for mobile networks and wireless local networks. Augmented reality projects based on network environments and their potential for developing a new type of participatory digital urban development.
  • Locative media and network systems. Locative art and locative gaming projects related to collaborative forms and social interaction via the Web or through other interconnected networks.

(Important note: In addition to the abovementioned core topics, other work or research will be considered for inclusion in the meeting related to other areas proposed by the artists and/or researchers, provided that those proposals contribute to the overall theme of this meeting.)

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There are two ways to participate in the meeting (not mutually exclusive):

  1. Presenting a project to develop within the production workshop. [call for projects]
  2. Sending a paper for its public presentation during the meeting. [call for papers]
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