Medialab Prado


9th AVLAB Meeting

10.11.2007 19:00h

Place: [Medialab Prado- Plaza de las Letras

With the participation of Wade Mathews, Julio Camarena, Rec_Overflow y Sergio Luque.

Coordinated by Daniel González.


Wade Mathews and Julio Camarero: Free improvisation, electroacoustics and instrumental redefinition.

Wade Matthews synthesises the sound and controls his digital synthesiser in real time, playing his laptop as though it were just like any other instrument. Something he considers indispensable for establishing a dialogue with other musicians and to participate fully in the shared musical creation process which is free improvisation. Matthews works the digital synthesis using a Macintosh powerbook with a virtual synthesizer pertaining to the Reaktor programme.

Starting with a guitar, Julio Camarena has developed a hybrid instrument that allows him to explore and exploit an essentially electroacoustical language without forfeiting the capacity of phrase, gesture and the direct presence of the body in the way he plays. The result is music with a great deal of rhythmic agility and a surprisingly timbric expressiveness that is perceived not only by the ears but by the eyes as well.

Together, they make dialogue music that favours the process and is nurtured by all of the sonorous, rhythmic and conceptual evolution that has occurred over the last century and the beginning of this one.


Rec_Overflow is a multidisciplinary artist who works with video, music, design and computers. These elements were mixed in a logical evolution in which they were all needed to make the whole complete.

At Encuentros AVLAB, he will give us some examples of how, in his work, video, design and audio can be practically one and how they complement one another in real time. He will share details of the tools he uses in his live performances: software and controllers and how they are used. He will also share some details on community management and the net label he coordinates: Plataforma-LTW.


Sergio Luque is a Mexican composer of classical and electroacoustical music based in Madrid. He holds a doctoral degree in Music Composition from the University of Birmingham and has studied at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague. He writes and composes using stochastic algorithms and uses SuperCollider, the open code programming language, in his live performances.

At Encuentros AVLAB, he will present some electronic pieces in stereo and two pieces in SuperCollider using stochastic synthesis. He will also talk about SuperCollider and his experience in the development of stochastic synthesis.

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