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Open call for the AVLAB Meeting: LaptopsRus, the portable generation

Live coding, Live performance, Live cinema, live Art, LIVE a life!

Medialab-Prado issues a call for the presentation of projects for their public presentation in the AVLAB Meeting that will be celebrated on June 5, 2010.

LaptopsRus is a network initiative organized and conceptualised by Maite Cajaraville (Madrid) & Shu Lea Cheang (Paris). LaptopsRus manages this AVLAB workshop/meeting on June 5 at Medialab-Prado on coding and tools AV live performance

Deadline for the presentation of projects: May 5 15, 2010 (extended)

List of selected proposals: May 10, 2010

> List of selected proposals 


LaptopsRus, the portable generation: Live coding, Live performance, Live cinema, live Art, LIVE a life!

LaptopsRus is a network initiative which stages public MEETING | REUNIÓN with woman live performers in a tournament setting for its 2009-2010 touring season.  Launched at Vision'R in Paris in Spring 2009, LaptopsRus with its invited and open call VJs / Live performers has played each season based on the 4 classic elements - Spring(Air), Summer(Fire), Autumn(Earth), Winter(Water).  In wrapping up the one year touring, LaptopsRus presents an all out 4 season live performance at Matadero Madrid, accompanied by a conference at  the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía,

In conjunction with the conference panel " in PROCESS: coding AV live performance",  this AVLAB investigates the current  scene of AV live performance in terms of Live coding, Live processing, Live performance, Live cinema.  

LaptopsRus program:

Conference: June 4 & 6, 2010
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía,

AVLAB Meeting: June 5, 2010
morning: 11 am – 2 pm  
Presentation of the projects selected through open call
Evening:  4 pm – 7 pm  
LaptopsRus round table on collective works
Live performance (women live performers ONLY)
June 5, 2010 (from  10:30 pm onwards)
Matadero Madrid

Call for Projects

A maximum of six projects will be selected for its presentation during the Saturday 5 morning.

> List of selected proposals


Orientation of the Projects

We call for live performers (individual and groups) to join the meeting/workshop. By presentation and round table discussion, we hope to exchange  the 'behind the scene' working methods and processing tools in live art today!

Submission Guidelines:

To submit your proposal for the AVLAB presentation:

Please send by email:

  • your (individual or collective) name and contact info
  • your work - URL (all AV performance documents should be included in your website or url links)
  • your proposal for presentation with focus on the processing tools and methods

The aim of the AVLAB Meetings is to dinamize the AV Madrid scene and is focused on Madrid based local artists for this reason there is no travel budget provided


LaptopsRus AV lab workshop online registration:
registered at OPEN CALL
problems?: write to

Deadline: May 5 15, 2010

More information: http:://

Final Decision

Selection Committee

The jury will be formed by the directors of LaptopsRus: Maite Cajaraville and Shu Lea Cheang.

Notification of Winners

Winners will be announced on May 20, 2010at Medialab-Prado's website. Applicants will receive notification by email.

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