Medialab Prado


Locative Audio: Sound and Mobility in Urban Space

05.03.2008 17:30h - 21:00h

Place: Medialab-Prado. Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 · Madrid

Lecture by Lalya Gaye within the context of the 2nd Inclusiva-net Meeting: Digital Networks and Physical Space.


The term locative media designates digital media with a sense or place, i.e. digital media embedded into the real physical world with the help of mobile and ubiquitous technology. Similarly, mobile music and locative audio are a new innovative and flourishing area concerned with aesthetic sonic interactions in mobile settings, emerging at the crossroads of locative media, sensor-based interactive music and consumer audio electronics. Mobile music systems can be used anywhere and on the move, and take advantage of people's movements, location, and of the changes of social and geographical context that mobility implies, while locative audio consists of virtual audio spaces layered onto the physical world, e.g. environment, artefacts, locations, or people. They encompass interactions ranging from music consumption to creation, from ad hoc sharing of audio files to re-appropriation of audio spaces, and combine the worlds of aesthetic sonic interactions with creative uses of public space. This lecture introduces the field of locative audio and mobile music, presents key projects and available technology in this field, and discusses the new types of relation that this creates between people and technology in urban space.

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