Medialab Prado


Barcamp: Data Journalism

15.02.2011 17:00h - 20:00h

Place: Medialab-Prado · Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid

Medialab-Prado hosts a barcamp about data journalism promoted by Pro Bono Publico (‘PBP’) association and Access Info Europe, aiming to create a public debate and foster the development of data journalism in Spain.

With the special participation of Lisa Evans, one of the heads of Guardian Data Blog and researcher at the Open Knowledge Foundation, and Gavin Sheridan, blogger, journalist, and cofounder of The Story. [live streaming]

Videos of the presentations:

· Where do my taxes go? (¿Dónde van mis impuestos?), by David Cabo (Pro Bono Publico) [+info]
· Some Challenges for Information Professionals in the New Economy of Citizen Engagement, by José Luis Marín (EuroAlert) [+info]
· Beyond Access: Acces to Information and Reusing Information. New Challenges, by Helen Darbishire y Victoria Anderica (Access Info Europe) [+info]
· Data Journalism: New Challenges for the Future, by Lisa Evans (The Guardian) [+info]
· Visualizar'11, Marcos García (Medialab-Prado) [+info]
·, by Gavin Sheridan (The Story) [+info]
· Using Google Refine to Analyze, Study and Clean Data, by Javier de la Torre (Vizzuality) [+info]
· Discovering Stories through Data: Pollution in Madrid, by Sergio Álvarez (Vizzuality) [+info]

swine flu graphic

Graphic about Swine flu published by Guardian Datablog


With the opening of public data (public administrations' and other collectives's data bases) a question arises: Who will process those data so they can be "usable" by citizens? and who will extract stories hidden in the combination of different data sources?

Journalisis will be one of the key groups: not only they create stories as they always had, but also they can find new data, perspectives and stories in the inmensity of data that are suddenly to our disposal. But in order to process and get stories based in data we need new capacities. The journalist not only has to write and make questions about people, but also needs to be able to write (or at least to understand) computer programs that interact with data bases, create visualizations, etc.

What is a barcamp?

A barcamp is an open format whose agenda is created on the go by participants. From ProBP, a citizen collective that stands for public data opening, we call for this meeting aiming to generate a public debate to foster the development of data journalism in Spain.

About Pro Bono Publico

Pro Bono Publico is an independent association born in 2009 that stands for public data opening and the use of thechnology to increase transparency as a way to improve our lives in this society.


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