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Call for Proposals: Participatory City 2014

In 2014, with the topic of Participatory City, the Connecting Cities Network will in particular discuss the question of how urban media facades as a temporary field of interaction can become a catalyst for shared encounters and a platform for urban activism. Can art projects trigger an engagement of the citizens within their local communities? Can they connect the local public virtually with remote places? Can they help us exchange our expectations and visions with our (European) neighbours? Participatory City 2014 is all about experimenting in the public space with participatory processes that aim at exploring these and other questions.

We invite artists to submit projects that enable citizens to experience new ways of interaction with the urban environment and to understand, respond to, evaluate and question the transformations that the city is undergoing.

Deadline: October, 20 2013

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As participation has become hegemonic – from prosumers to crowdsourcing, from collaborative practices to civic media – there is a demand for a redefinition of the notion of participation itself. The much-discussed idea of collective creativity should now be explored and developed into transformative actions. With the goal of raising awareness being no longer enough, we want to look into practices of situated, world-making interventions that redefine reality and can have an impact on everyday life.

Media facades and screens are our medium of choice for these collective experiences as they function as a membrane between the urban space and the digital world. They can become stages for the citizens to perform fictional roles and reinvented identities, and integrate multiple media, infrastructures and spatialities. They are an interface between technology, practice and place and make our experiments visible to a large public audience.

Participatory City 2014 will take place in Aarhus, Berlin, Brussels, Helsinki, Linz, Liverpool, Madrid, Montreal, Riga and Sao Paulo. The Connecting Cities infrastructure to be considered by the artists for this Call for Proposal corresponds to the urban media facades of these cities.


Connecting Cities Network

The Connecting Cities Network currently includes 18 European and worldwide partners who aim at building up a networked infrastructure of urban media facades for the circulation of artistic works. As a paradigmatic feature in dynamics of urban corporatization, these big screens and animated surfaces in the public space are an extremely relevant factor in the cultural and social exploration of the city. When operated as a trans-local platform for participative and networked artistic scenarios they open up new possibilities for citizens to explore their local neighborhoods and to engage in a trans-local exchange with other cities.


About the Open Call

Selection of the artists' works

The curators of the Connecting Cities Network will select at least 7 artist projects for the Connecting Cities Events of the Participatory City 2014. These projects will be presented on the urban media facades of the CCN and open live windows to other cities. The main challenge of Participatory City will be to identify contents with relevance on an international level and a site-specific local level by including the public audience in an artistic scenario.

Fee and production budget

Artist fee: 1500 Euro
Production costs: 3000 Euro

Submission deadline 

Please submit your proposal until 20 October 2013 via

Selection results
Planned to be published on 8 November 2013.

See creteria for selection, complete guidelines and detailed information here
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