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Composers Hub

Medialab-Prado hosts the project of British musician James Phelan, on residence until the end of March. The goal is to create a space where people can get together to experiment with musical composition in the digital age.

The six week project will start on Tuesday February 18 and finish on March 29, 2014.

Registrations until February 11, 2014. Limited seats. 

Presentation of the project on February 7 from 6pm to 7pm at the LAB (within the framework of the Fridays Openlab)

Presentation of the results of the project on March 29 within the program of Festilab at 5.30pm

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Artist's Approach

"We all know that music can be used as a tool to bring people together. Whether that’s in the form of a concert, club night, music forum or even in a record store, these are all places where like minded individuals congregate to share a similar experience. My aspiration for the composer’s hub project is to offer exposure to people from different backgrounds, to the world of composition, using digital technology. The idea of a composer’s hub is to help introduce, or further the skills of creative thinkers who are interested in music. The project would encourage participants to generate musical ideas, and learn how to develop these in to completed compositions." James Phelan

The end result is to have some completed compositions which participants have collaborated on presented at Medialab-Prado's Viernes Openlab on March 29.

Sessions will be delivered in English.


Participants' Profiles

Participants may just be curious with how the composing process works, others may already feel they have the immediate skills to make an impact within the music world, but require additional support or guidance to help them achieve their goals.



Opening times which participants are required to apply for are as follows: Tuesdays / Wednesday / Thursdays from 11am – 3pm.

Limited to 9 places in total; three groups of three participants. Participants will be required to attend the given time each week for the duration of the project. (6 x 4 hour sessions in total).




Seats are very limited and participants will be selected based on their skills. Please, submit your registation in English containing a short description that includes: name, age, musical preferences,  education, musical abilities (beginner, intermediate, advanced). We are looking for participats of all profiles. 

Please send an email to talleres(at) Deadline 9:00h of February 11, 2014. 


This residence is part of the Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme, in association with Beam (UK) and Una Más Una (Madrid).
James Phelan wrote:

Hola, Miguuel y Robert... can you please send your details to the email address above so we can review your application and suitability for the course!

Muchos Gracias...


robert moya wrote:

avanzado me cuadra en horario, y creo q estoy en ese nivel.


Miguel Ángel wrote:

Quisiera inscribirme en el curso.


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