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Collective Intelligence for Democracy 2017: Call for Collaborators

International workshop: Collective Intelligence for Democracy from November 6th to November 18th. Come with us to have two weeks of collaborative work, multidisciplinary teams around projects related to democracy, citizen participation and the tools and methodologies that facilitate these processes.


We apologize but due to the large number of applications received, the communication of the collaborators and their projects has been postponed until tomorrow, 2017 September 22th at 14:00 UTC + 2.

The democratic cities of the future demand new technologies to enable us to undertake distributed forms of political action and collaborative decision-making. To this end the Medialab-Prado Collective Intelligence Laboratory for Democratic Participation invites people from all over the world to Madrid, to think together and develop new digital mechanisms that address challenges relating to democratic participation via the internet: collaborative filtering, deliberation and discussion, decision-making, offline-online flow, joint participation processes and strategies, collaborative drafting of legislation, etc. We call on hackers, activists, politicians, programmers, designers, participation experts and any other person with an interest in direct democracy and digital citizen participation. The aim is to create new digital prototypes that facilitate and open new paths to direct democratic participation via the internet. 

We have selected these ten projects between many others coming from different parts of the globe through the Open Call. 
Selected Projects

A new model of municipal democracy: combining self selected and randomly selected participation
Arantxa Mendiharat and Lyn Carson
Eric Gordon

Amy Zhang

Taxi Citoyen
Bouiti Tchibinda Boursier

David Alfonsín Lareo

Bot activista - Una herramienta del Toolkit Democrático
Pedro Markun

Designing a community collaboration tool for urban green space planning
Erika Whillas

SocialMaps | La Plataforma de Urbanismo Abierto
Edgar Martínez, Eduardo Sierra, Eugenio Fernández, Jesús Cepeda y Graciela Reyes, Kirstin Isenberg

Consul going worldwide
Vanessa Tonini & Digidem Lab

Fausto B. Isolan

More info at the specific article here.

How to Participate

If you want to be a collaborator you have to fill the form below. We need to know about your project preferences, your bio, skills and you technical profile (if you have).
Up to 6 collaborators shall be selected for each project, to help create a work team to assist with the thought process and design of the desired prototype based on the original project idea, and to cover all the needs required in order to develop the desired prototype. In addition, the entire team shall have access to technical professional programming and design support during this time, in addition to the advice of the workshop mentors.
Collaborators will have all expenses covered in Madrid. Collaborators will appear in the credits of the project. Medialab-Prado will offer a credit document to prove their participation if it is needed.

Workshop Schedule

On 20 September the selected collaborators shall be published.
On 6th November the workshops shall begin, with public presentation of the projects and discussions with tutors and other guests, after work groups have been formed from interested collaborators, the projects shall be developed. A final prototype shall be presented on the last day.

During the workshop, ideas will be tested out and prototypes will be developed in interdisciplinary groups composed of all interested participants, coordinated by the project developer. Groups will be supported and evaluated by Cheikh Fall, Dinorah Cantú and Agustín Frizzera as guest international tutors, and will have the space, equipment and materials necessary to develop each project. These must be requested in the initial proposal.

We assume that free and open-source software will be used in the workshop, that projects will be based on open standards and that the results will be available under licences conducive to re-appropriation, reuse and distribution.

The workshop will be held in English and in Spanish, with no formal translation services offered.

Upon termination of the workshop, the final prototypes shall be exhibited for two months at Medialab Prado.
Obligations of Selected Collaborators 

 Selected individuals or groups commit to attend all days of the workshop.
They also commit to finishing and appropriately documenting the proposed prototypes.
Similarly, participants shall include their code in a repository accessible to the public and publish it under an open-source licence enabling reuse thereof. During the workshop, support with documentation shall be provided. The organisation encourages and supports the use of open-source programs for the purpose of developing the projects.
Criteria to select collaborators

Mentors and ParticipaLAB team will chose collaborators based on the human resources need for each project. We encourage collaborators to add their preferences as is explained in the form (Comments box).
Accommodation and Travel Expenses

Upon request by participants who reside outside of Madrid, Medialab-Prado will provide accommodation in the Hotel Mediodía for the duration of the workshop. Meals also will be covered.
Travel: helping to get you here

Medialab Prado is not covering travel expenses. However it is possible to arrange travel expenses with your organization. We can have agreements with Institution or Universities to cover you flight costs or/and justify your absence at work or at class. Explore this option with the responsable at your organization. You can write us here to explore those possibilities at 


Anyone interested in participating in the workshop must complete and send the form provided below before September 15th at 11:59pm GMT+1.

Selection Committee

Projects shall be evaluated and selected by workshops tutors and Medialab-Prado, through the Collective Intelligence Laboratory for Democratic Participation.

Authorship and Intellectual Property

Participants shall licence their work during the workshops in a manner permitting Medialab-Prado to publish it in any physical or digital format for the maximum time period and territorial scope provided for by law, allowing said work to be transformed in order to improve its dissemination and distribution. After projects have been selected, while the activity is underway, the author shall be obligated to permit any other participant(s) in the activity that has been convened to use their work as the basis for other derivative work.

Terms of use