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Interactivos?'08 · Vision Play: Call for Projects

Medialab-Prado issues a call for the submission of projects to be carried out as part of the Interactivos?'08: Vision Play event, which will take place from 30 May to 14 June 2008.

Deadline: April 25, 2008. 

Project development advanced workshop

Lead by: Álvaro Cassinelli, Simone Jones

With the participation of the research group Light, space and perception (Daniel Canogar, Julian Oliver and Pablo Valbuena)

Dates: May 30th through June 14th 2008

Venue: Medialab-Prado, Madrid


Submission Call Guidelines

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Aims of the Call

The purpose of the call is a selection of a maximum of 10 projects for their production in a workshop from May the 30th through June the 14th, 2008.

The workshop aims to use open hardware and open code tools to create prototypes for exploring image technologies and mechanisms of perception.

Core themes:

  • A review of image technologies from their origins to the present: perspective, lenses, anamorphosis, panoramas, optical toys, magic lanterns, effects, optical illusions, etc.
  • Work that expands conventional notions of projection and screen: augmented reality, the use of projections on three-dimensional surfaces and physical objects, immersion environments, etc.
  • Investigation around different light sources in multimedia installations: use of sunlight and other conventional light sources not based on digital projection, to create images, mobile/controlled shadows and other optical effects; use of light as a sculpting material.
  • Exploring human visual perception, its qualities and limits

The participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to work in the production of advanced projects hand in hand with a group of well-known artists with a wide experience in leading workshops which focus on different issues related to the proposed subject matter: Álvaro Cassinelli, Simone Jones, and the research group integarted by Julian Oliver, Pablo Valbuena and Daniel Canogar.

The call is aimed at artists, magicians, engineers, musicians, programmers, designers, film& video makers, architects, hackers, opticians, psychologists, or any other person interested in presenting a project on this topic.

The proposals can be presented individually or as a collective. Each participant or team can present as many projects as they would like.


General characteristics of the workshop


This workshop aims to be a collective platform for research, production, and learning, offering substantial help and support in developing the projects selected. The proposals will be carried out in multidisciplinary task groups comprised by the author(s) and interested collaborators, with conceptual and technical advice from the teaching staff.

The selected projects must be open to the participation of other interested collaborators, who will be able to contribute to the production of the pieces during the development of the workshop. Therefore, there are two levels of involvement with the workshop: as a project leader, or as a collaborator in any one of the selected projects. Once the projects have been selected, the second step in the process will involve a new call for those people who would like to participate in the projects' production.

Medialab-Prado will do its best to provide the materials needed to carry out the selected projects.


For the purpose of applying for and contacting potential collaborators, even prior to the final project selection, applicants are encouraged to register at and use the Interactivos? forum to publish details about their proposals and the type of experience needed to carry them out.

Technical Requirements

The jury will carefully examine the technical viability of the projects. For this reason, a clear specification of the technical and spatial requirements of the projects will be positively received.

The projects will be developed and exhibited on the Medialab-Prado premises. Medialab-Prad will only provide the equipment and means of production for the selected projects if previously requested by the project authors.

In case of any doubt regarding the technical requirements, the jury will contact the project's author.


The work/exhibition space has a surface of approximately 120 m2 and will be shared by all the selected projects. Each project will have a designated space depending on its technical and spatial characteristics. Only the projects which can adapt to the characteristics of this shared workspace will be selected.

In case of any doubt regarding the spacial requirements of a project, the jury will contact the project's author.

Working language

The workshop will be held in English and Spanish without translation.


Interactivos? collaborates with other institutions


The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation is collaborating with Medialab-Prado in holding two Interactivos? workshops at the Cultural Centre of Spain in Mexico City (August 2008) and at the Cultural Centre of Spain in Lima (October 2008).

Aeci will also choose one or more of the projects produced at these workshops to be presented at the group of Cultural Centres of Spain in Latin America.


Medialab-Prado and the production centre Hangar in Barcelona have reached a collaboration agreement: one of the projects carried out as part of the Interactivos? workshop will be chosen by Hangar, the workshop teaching staff, and Medialab-Prado for continued development, in residence at Hangar.


Medialab-Prado is collaborating with SonarMàtica08, the main exhibit area at the Sonar Festival (Barcelona), to be held on 19, 20 and 21 June 2008.

SonarMàtica is presenting the project Future Past Cinema, an exhibit about how 19th century cinematographic pre-technology is being used today. Magic Lanterns, Cineoramas, Zootropes, and Chronophotography are some of the artefacts of a different architecture of viewpoint, now being reconstructed at the edges of art using new media.

Arising as a result of collaboration with Medialab, Future Past Cinema will show some of the projects carried out during the Interactivos? 08 workshop.

Future Past Cinema is a project curated by Jose Luis de Vicente, Oscar Abril Ascaso, and Advanced Music for Sonar08.


Lodging and travel

Pending application and for participants residing outside Madrid, Medialab-Prado will provide lodging at a youth hostel for the authors of the selected projects.

Medialab-Prado will also cover travel expenses for one person for each of the selected projects.



All those interested in taking part in the workshop or in the theoretical discussion group must fill in and send the application form published below.

Application deadline

April 25th 2008 at Midnight (Madrid local time, GMT+1)

Further information

For further information contact: interactivos08 [at]


Final Decision

Selection committee

The selection committee will comprise the workshop instructors and Medialab-Prado.

Project assessment

Projects will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Project quality
  • Suitability to Interactivos? general objectives and the specific theme of this call for projects.
  • Technical feasibility and clarity
  • Willingness to collaborate with others in project development

Date and place of publication of the final decision

The final decision will be announced on 6 May on the Web site of Medialab-Prado, and all applicants will also be notified of the decision by e-mail.


Exhibit of workshop results

After the workshop has ended, the prototypes developed during Interactivos? will remain on public exhibit at Medialab-Prado until 13 September 2008.


Winners’ obligations

The winning individuals or groups agree to attend the encounter from 30 May to 14 June 2008. They also agree to finish their proposed projects, as far as possible.

The winning individuals or groups may use equipment, pending prior application and approval. Any expense not previously planned or approved in material or equipment rental will be paid by the project authors.

Projects carried out will be the property of their author(s), although whenever said projects are shown at festivals or exhibits, and whenever images of said projects are reproduced in catalogues or websites, their relation with the Inclusiva-net meeting carried out at Medialab- Prado should be mentioned. The names of the people who collaborated in developing the projects should also be shown.

Projects exhibited may be shown in printed catalogs and the Medialab-Prado website.

Entry constitutes acceptance of all contest rules.

Terms of use