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Call for projects · Interactivos? LABoral: Process as Paradigm

Call for the presentation of projects to take part in Interactivos? Process as Paradigm, as part of the programme for artists and creators of LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Gijon, Spain). A maximum of eight proposals will be selected to be collaboratively developed in the workshop that will take place prior to the opening of the exhibition Process as Paradigm, on April 23rd 2010.

The deadline for entries is February 15 22 , 2010.
Dates of the workshop: April 8 through 20, 2010
Venue: LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Gijon, Spain)


Workshop INTERACTIVOS? in the framework of the exhibition Process as Paradigm

A collaboration of LABoral with Medialab-Prado

Dates: April 8 through 20, 2010

Venue: LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

Information: talleres(at) and +34 985 185 577

The exhibition Process as Paradigm reveals a huge shift from a culture based on the concept of manifestation and the final product (industrial society) to a culture of process. The Interactivos? workshop leading up to the exhibition is devoted to the production of artworks which follow the thesis of the exhibition. As in the exhibition, the probes and prototypes made during the Interactivos? workshop are processes that evolve, develop and alter over time.

Workshop participants, whose projects which will be selected through an international call, will have the opportunity to produce pieces that can fall into any of the three categories of the When Process Becomes Paradigm exhibition:

1. automated/networked processes: cybernetic systems and generative art that investigates the qualities of machine-based processes and the influence of the surrounding has on them,

2. natural/biological processes: works in this category are either based on processes as they occur in nature or they are built on systems which have a relevant organic and natural component,

3. social processes: this third group of projects deals with processes of us as humans living within political, social, economic, technological and natural environments,

 In addition, the workshop looks at the current engagement of artistic practice with the procesual perception of reality.

Participation in the workshop will be process oriented. The production of the works will be conducted in an open and co-creative fashion along with the documentation of the process that can take probing and prototyping beyond the duration of the workshop. Though it is up to the participants to decide, the organizers advocate the use of open licensing as part the production that can lead to truly open design.

The artists invited to lead the workshop will be Antoni Abad, Allison Kudla and Roman Kirscher.

During Interactivos? there will be a full programme of presentations by artists and curators of the exhibition When Process Becomes Paradigm, as well as other guests (the full programme will be announced shortly in

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