Medialab Prado


First meeting of Move Commons Workgroup

14.02.2012 17:00h

Place: Medialab-Prado · Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid

The workgroup of Move Commons begins its monthly meetings in this call, open to anyone interested. Move Commons is a webtool that allows volunteers to connect with social organizations that match their interests.

move commons

The idea of Move Commons is to push social organizations towards the Commons paradigm, while allowing: 1) others to understand your initiative's approach, 2) connecting with other similar collectives, 3) volunteers finding the initiative easier.

Move Commonss follows the same mechanics as Creative Commons when it tags cultural works, although Move Commons tags collectives. Thus, with a few icons and a form, it provides a standard, user-friendly, bottom-up, self-labelling system for each social initiative. 

Move Commons has multiple implications and benefits, listed in and shown in a video by Javier de la Cueva (only in Spanish).



The workgroup of Move Commons aims to have a monthly meeting to debate and shape the evolution of the tool. The community behind the project is open, and makes this call to any type of collaborators out there that would like to contribute with feedback, suggestions and collaborations of any kind. The aim is that this project matches the needs of the worlds of activism and cooperation the best way possible.

Move Commons is an initiative of the  Comunes collective. You can find more information in

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