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From Renga to Videoblog. The user as producer and the collaborative experience

02.03.2009 11:00h

Place: Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires (Paraná 1159) Buenos Aires

Paper by Guadalupe Aguiar Masuelli presented within the context of the 3rd Inclusiva-net meeting: NET.ART (SECOND EPOCH). The Evolution of Artistic Creation in the Net-system Seminar (in Buenos Aires, from March 2 through 6, 2009).

This text was written based on the observation of several experiences of audiovisual production on the Internet characterized by working as a group, co-authorship, and other forms of collaborative participation. Renga (connected poetry of Japanese origin) is used as an example of a historical precedent in which group creation resources are found, in the form of poetic dialogue. The video blog phenomenon was selected for its prominence in the circulation of homemade productions on the collaborative creation circuit. The Benjaminian proposal of the author as producer, immaterial work and migrants as historical subjects, Knorr Cetina’s “epistemological objects”, tactics according to Certeau, and the incidence of the idea of “post-production” are several of the themes and theoretical veins that run through the text.

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