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Visualizar08: Database City Documentation

Publication of texts and videos of the lectures and conferences presented during the Visualizar'08: Database City international symposium, November 2008.

Visualizar08: Database City Documentation

Visualizar08: Database City international workshop-seminar took place in Medialab-Prado from November 3 to 18, 2008. The main subject of this new edition was the city as a daily generator of data that need to be visualize in order to understand city processes. Lectures were held by invited researchers, artists and designers and selected papers were presented. Here you can find the videos of the lectures and the complete texts of the presented papers.



· José Luis de Vicente: Database City: Exploring an Information Flow City Planning [+info]

· Fabien Girardin: From Sentient to Responsive Cities (De las ciudades conscientes a las ciudades receptivas) [+info]

· Andrés Ortiz (Bestiario): And What Is This Good For? [+info]

· Juan Freire: Visualizing Urban Spaces' Digital Skin. How? What For? [+info]

· Adam Greenfield: The Long Here, the Big Now, and other tales of the networked city (El Gran Aquí, el Largo Ahora, y otros cuentos de la ciudad de redes) [+info]


·Bluetooth Scanning Sensor: New Tools for Traffic / Environmental Management, by Martín Méndez Falcato and Yuji Yoshimura [+info]

·Beyond the Edifice: Architectural Visualization Reconsidered, by Greg J. Smith (Canada)  [+info]

·A Visual Analytics Approach for the Understanding of Urban Datasets, by Roberto Therón (Spain) y Roberto Ranon (Italy) [+info]

·The Invisible Display – Design Strategies for Ambient Media in the Urban Context, by Dietmar Offenhuber (Austria) [+info]

·Madrid Zero: Distributed Urban Networks of Political Artefacts, by Víctor Viña (Spain) [+info]



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