Medialab Prado


Presentation of the Book: Edición 2.0. Los futuros del libro (Edition 2.0. The Futures of the Book)

15.11.2007 19:00h

Place: Medialab-Prado. Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 · Madrid

By Joaquín Rodríguez, essayist specialising in sociology and co-director of Archipiélago magazine.



The talk will address the future of the publishing industry, and in order to do so, several professionals will take part: Mario Tascón, executive director of Prisacom; Txetxu Barandiarán, editorial and cultural industries' advisor; Luis Miguel Solano, director of Libros del Asteroide, and José Pons, director of Melusina.

Traditional publishing is based on a chain which successively, in a series of steps, joins creators and intermediaries – publishers, distributors, booksellers or librarians – with the readers or users. That almost ancestral concatenation, in which the reception of the contents was contingent upon the mediators' trades – writing by the publisher, printing by the printer, selling by the bookseller or lending by the librarian – is undergoing radical changes because the news modes of producing and generating digital contents places the tools needed to generate, distribute, manipulate or consult the contents in the hands of the creators without the obligatory participation of agents outside of the process individually or collectively consenting to the exploitations derived from new types of licenses that understand the ecosystem of the web, which assumes that the free circulation of ideas making use of new communication networks and media is the currency of our time. All this and much more – the radical change in the way contents are created, distributed and consumed, simultaneously and jointly – represents a new type of publishing which is Edición 2.0.

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