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Artist as Startup 2.0: Web Application as Cultural Intervention

04.03.2009 12:00h - 12:50h

Place: Centro Cultural de España en Buenos Aires (Paraná 1159) Buenos Aires

Paper presented by Michael Mandiberg within the context of the 3rd Inclusiva-net meeting: NET.ART (SECOND EPOCH). The Evolution of Artistic Creation in the Net-system Seminar (in Buenos Aires, from March 2 through 6, 2009).


AdLib ( with Anti-Advertising Agency ), 2004.  Steve Lambert.

 "New developments in web programming have allowed individuals and small groups to build large scale web sites and web applications that were formerly the domain of well funded companies. The goal of this panel is to bring together artists and researchers to exchange information and create dialog about how and why artists are using these tools, and what they are making with them. Some of the important questions to be discussed are: How does the availability of these new tools affect the work that new media artists are making? How does the ability to make something 'look real' change what is made by artists? How does this relate to the Situationist current that runs through early Internet art. What does it mean to place art into the context of daily life online, and how does this relate to historical engagements of the quotidian (Fluxus, Life-Art, Public Art, etc.) What does it mean to use the specialized tools of a large corporation to make art? Where is the edge between art and software development, and is this an important distinction? And lastly, what is the role of use value in new media art?

Examples range from Steve Lambert’s Add Art Firefox Plugin, to Brooke Singer’s, Angie Waller’s, to my plugins Oil Standard, The Real Costs, and the Google Maps mashup"

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