Medialab Prado


Making Visible the Invisible

25.05.2011 - 27.05.2011

Place: Medialab-Prado. Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 · Madrid

The first meeting of the Social Studies of Science and Technology Network in Spain (eSCTS) aims to gather during three days researchers that work in Spain in this research fiel aiming to create a discussion and exchange space for shared knowledge.

That is why it has been called Making Visible the Invisible. What are our jobs bringing into light? What do different approaches of social studies of science add? What do they don't or invisibilize? Based on these premises we pretend to try a double exercise: on one hand, we want to discuss what do these studies add as a theoretical approach to social analysis, and on the other, try to make visible these research fields, debating the importance of social studies of science and technology, the variety of their approaches, as well as the different possibilities they offer to support a rich dialog among disciplines.

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