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Funcionamientos: Open Designs and Social Remix

Funcionamientos: Open Designs and Social Remix is a work group coordinated by Alma Orozco that tackles the basis of the thinking for a society to integrate functional diversity. Open registration.


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From social activism to engineered material culture, including academic reflection and common household thinking, this project aims to expose the basis of thought that an inclusive society, one which integrates diversity, should take into account; it also intends to reflect on the artifacts (regardless of their materiality or immateriality) that this society would produce, the different options for their production and the creation of new possibilities.

The resulting reflections from this cycle will be used as tools to develop a series of projects, where the creation of inclusive experiences will take place through collaborative work by people with diverse functions and interdisciplinary groups, modifying the traditional roles from which technology is reflected on.

The project is conceived as a work group that, starting in Medialab, will research the topic of functional diversity in terms of its social print, product design, the use of applied technologies, creativity…



16.04.2012 / 17:00h: Roundtable Tecnology for diversity. Guests: Mario Toboso, Foro de vida independiente and Carlos Tomás (@axebra). [+info]

20.06.2012 / 17:00h: Roundtable Funcionamiento: Opening Environments, from Design for Everyone to Design for Anyone. Guests: Raúl Goñi, Esther Moñivas Mayor, Santiago González D'Ambrossio and Enrique Valera Couceiro. [+info]

13-16.12.2012 and 17-20.1.2013: Collaborative prototyping worshop. [see open call]


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