Medialab Prado


Goteathon. Open Crowdfunding Data and Visualizations

28.05.2015, 29.05.2015 10:00h - 20:30h

Place: Medialab-Prado

As part of the event OJO al DATA. Data Culture, Economy and Politics, Fundación Goteo has put together a couple of days of hands-on sessions to share our work with people interested in data, API and visualizations, specifically data on crowdfunding and our community. The ultimate aim is to build new standards in the world of collective finance and collaborative economy, while also contributing to the open data commons. 

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Schedule: 10am to 2pm and 4pm to 8:30pm

Public presentation on the 28th at 7:00 PM, given by Olivier Schulbaum, Vice President of Fundación Goteo, Maria Botella (European Alternatives), Victoria Anderica (Access Info Europe) and David Cabo (Civio) is one of the few crowdfunding platforms in the world that has released its code under a free license, which encourages knowledge sharing across projects that publish campaigns. Plus, we just recently pioneered a release of our open data API to display all activities and impact.

We want to share this new development and battery of open resources with developers and experts in analysis and data visualization, as well as general researchers. If you've got the urge, time and neurons to add some value, new thoughts or ideas about new applications and uses for the data we have been gathering since 2012, and crowdfunding in general - we're ready for you!

In these sessions, we’re looking for your contribution in:

  • Improving our API, along with the common good, in the aspect of open data.
  • Creating new applications and visualizations in an area as "hot", dynamic and key as crowdfunding.
  • Comparing and finding new hypotheses about the relationships emerging between resources, needs, people and open projects looking for funding.

What’s in it for you:

  • Get a first-hand look at what moves us, both personally and as an organization, by working with the people who schedule and manage Goteo day-to-day.
  • Discover data with interesting people in an environment energized by our team, with an innovative methodology.
  • Opportunities to meet and work with people with similar concerns, having a good time together.

To take part in this "Goteathon" we're launching at Medialab, you should sign up, have a look at our now accessible API and documentation before the event, and show up ready to join one of the working groups we’re putting together:

  • A group for basic visualizations and stats: for beginner programmers, and/or for those who want to get their hands on things that could use improvement.
  • A group for explorations and conclusions: for more "discursive" people and fans of hypotheses, and how to confirm them.
  • A group for looking at needs (monetary and non-monetary): to focus on the balance between what is asked for and what is received in each campaign.
  • A group on “feeder” capital and "CSR multipliers": to motivate those with a stake in the future of Goteo in strengthening match-funding and new institutional agents.
  • A mobile group: for more expert skills, API tracking for mobile devices: to put user experience and donation impact right in your pocket.
  • A “free ride” group: for those who don’t want to say where they’re going, but still want to join us in exploring and developing any particular area (based on Goteo data and API, of course :)

The program will follow this order:

1. A brief presentation on Goteo and our foundation: where we come from, where we are and what we envision for
2. The playing field: zoom in on our shared API and data.
3. "APIritivo": some quick rounds of benchmarking, inspiration and examples to motivate us.
4. Scenarios: a joint exploration of options for different areas (focusing on user profiles and objectives).
5. Group rounds: working on presentations, concepts, who does what.
6. Pause: take a break, disconnect, change the subject and enjoy the catering!
7. Another group round: sprints to wrap things up, uncover blockages, and see which developments are worth moving forward.
8. Depending on the time and energy remaining, we can have a final look at how we've left point 4 after the final sprint.

Goteo API development is supported by the European Cultural Foundation as part of the "Connected Action for the Commons" programme, a network of six organisations across Europe: Oberliht (Moldavia), Culture2Commons (Croatia), Les Têtes de l'Art (France), Subtopia (Sweden), Kryticza Polyticza (Poland) and Platoniq (Spain)

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