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Hacks/Hackers MAD: Techonology in Periodistical Entrepreneurship

27.10.2011 18:30h

Place: Medialab-Prado · Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid

First Hacks/Hackers meeting in Madrid, a meeting point for journalists and programmers to work together and exchange knowledge about digital tools, build new journalistic formats, analyze data visualization and so on.

This first encounter aims to extend the entrepeneurship culture that has characterized the journalistic digital world from the beginning, as an real alternative to the structural change of business model within the publishing sector.

With Ana Ormaechea (Muy Interesante), María Feijoo (Communications Director of Antevenio), Javier Moya (Internet Director of Harper's Bazaar and Esquire in Spain) y Ruben Orta (Director de Desarrollo en Antevenio). 



Hacks/Hackers was conceived of by Burt Herman, founder of Storify –which makes it possible to tell stories via fragments on social media– Rich Gordon at Northwestern and Aron Pilhofer at The New York Times. Their objective is to establish a meeting point among code writers (Hackers) and current writers (Hacks), to exchange information about digital tools and analyze the contribution of programmers in areas such as handling large volumes of data, visualization, and so on. 

At this first meeting, several projects on journalistic endeavours will be presented that aim to extend the entrepeneurial spirit that has characterized the Internet since its creation to the world of journalism, as an alternative to the structural change in the business model of publishing groups



Hacks & Hackers Madrid has chosen three Spanish initiatives for its first meeting: Amazings (Antonio Martínez Ron / @fogonazos), I Wanna go There (María Martínez / @limalimon) and Tuitráfico (Juanjo y Antonio / @tuitrafico). These are three innovative projects with a new technological and journalistic approach and the presenters will share the challenges they have faced with attendees.

Future meetings will address opportunities in mobile contents, research and data journalism, opening up APIs and projects by international laboratories such as Mozilla Foundation.

Hacks/Hackers Madrid is open to receiving all kinds of suggestions and proposals from individuals, the media or institutions interested in the project.

Hacks/Hackers MAD is organized by Ana Ormaechea (Editor of Muy Interesante), María Feijoo (Communications Director of Antevenio), Javier Moya (Internet Director of Harper's Bazaar and Esquire in Spain) and Ruben Orta (Development Director of Antevenio).

Twitter: @hackshackersMAD

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