Medialab Prado


INSTALL PARTY of "Degenerate P2P” Concepts

01.12.2011 18:00h - 20:00h

Place: Medialab-Prado · Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid

“Install Parties” are instances for social reunion, which seek to implement the installation of free operating systems and, at the same time, build and reinforce networks and communities. The idea is to use this word and activity to generate an encounter for the installation of concepts applied to the context of radical gender politics.

Simultaneously a Linux Install Party will take place to install Ubuntu (gnu/linux).




The code counts with a material aspect (numbers for example) and a semiotic aspect (the meaning of a specific number order). Free software gives users the freedom to unrestrictedly use, copy, change and redistribute a specific program by altering its code. The code (from the Latin word codex, book of laws or principles) is the material with which computer programs are written and, therefore, in order to be able to modify them they must be accessible (open).

Free and open source software’s philosophy has radical political implications, due to the fact that it provides the liberty to modify and improve previous versions, resulting in a series of possible developments in a multiple space without hierarchies. At the same time, it meets the specific needs of the users, whom organized through the web have the possibility to alter tools. For that reason, it might be interesting to consider it as a cultural model and displace it to other areas of political action and interaction such as queer feminisms or transfeminisms. Resistance movements that understand gender as a power system, a technology, a privative device that produces, controls and limits the bodies to adapt them to the established social order. These “new” feminisms question the violence of gender’s binary system of man and woman as well as the hierarchical construction of sexualities, and they intend to modify, alter, broaden and transform the codes that rule such social constructions. Through their discourses and political practices they fight the consequences of these sex and gender constructions, of these cultural artefacts, both in the life of people and in larger social structures, and they intend to articulate a series of resistances and alternatives.
“Install Parties” are instances for social reunion that have the purpose of implementing the installation of free operating systems and, at the same time, build and reinforce networks and communities.

The need to appropriate technological language and apply it to contexts of radical gender politics emerges from the observation of the social codes that transverse us as universalizing “operating systems”, and of the necessity of being able to open these codes, to be able to see how they work and deconstruct them in order to increase our liberties and possible combinations.

I see Install Parties as instances for the exchange and production of knowledge that escapes the material and cognitive restrictions that rule capitalist relations, with these activities we intend to generate a space where the people participating can reflect from a queer perspective on the topics of sex, gender and sexuality. To acquire the necessary tools to think and use, manipulate and modify their body and desire as well as develop sex and gender practices out of the mandatory heterosexual frame. The idea is to bring feminist and queer discourses and politics to the world of technology, action art and hacktivism, appropriating their language and philosophy; and at the same time, use the different digital/virtual tools of disobedience and sabotage as action strategies that can also be taken up and used by feminisms to promote political objectives of social transformations.


  • Install a series of concepts, words and situations related to radical gender politics in technical, artistic and technological contexts.
  • Displace an arsenal of technological concepts applying them to other areas, activities or cultural contexts.
  • Develop P2P, face 2 face and exchange systems, as well as direct interpersonal communication (from system to system without mediation).
  • Provide tools in order to use our bodies, genders and sexualities in ways that elude the hegemonic privative models.
  • Elaborate the links between gender, technology and capitalism from a trans-hacker-feminist perspective.
  • Combine networks, knowledge and efforts to improve the current strategies of feminist-hacker resistance and transformation. 

Some of the concepts that are to be installed:



The methodology used for the installation is based on the direct transmission of information between two or more users. Dialogue and reflection are intended to favour the exchange of ideas and the joint construction of knowledge. In order to do so the installations are done peer2peer and there shall be several different installators, i.e. people that will explain the different concepts to the participants and that will dynamize the exchange of experiences.

There will be different “installators” (people that will explain different key concepts) and there will be a space with a video camera (in the style of a photo booth) for those that wish to address the camera and film one-minute concepts.

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