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Projects Interactivos?'08 - Vision Play

Selected papers to be presented at the seminar and projects to be developed at the workshop Interactivos?'08 - Vision Play (May 30 - 14 June 2008).


  • Spiral Sunrise - Esther Polak

Visualize the sunrise
The potential of solar power will set a small robot (carrier) in motion, that has an open sandglass on board. As soon as the robot starts moving, a line of sand will be drawn. As the sand runs steadily, the thickness of the line will be determined by the speed of the robot. The higher the sun will raise, the faster the robot runs. The robot will be tied to a 10 cm thick pole by a rope and thus drive in circles around the pole. By its circular movement it will either wind or unwind the rope, and thus draw a spiral.

esther polak
  • Bloop - Martín Nadal

Free software development of a collaborative environment for the development of rotoscopic animations. Starting from an original video, every user/collaborator will draw over a series of frames, these drawings made by the collaborators will be sent over the network to the system and the system will assemble a new movie with all of them. The system is in charge of delivering the original video frames, receiving the user's drawings and generating the final movie.


  • M.A.S.K. (My Alter Self Konciousness) - Jordi Puig

The room is dark. A visitor arrives to the installation and sees a mirror with a spot light pointing in front of it. When he is in front of the mirror, he sees his face reflected. Soon, from his reflection, an animation starts growing on his face creating a mask. This mask is based on the face information of the user, so each person will have a different mask.
Moreover, the system uses an optical illusion to superimpose the mask exactly upon the original user face reflection (it is processed in real time). To prove that the animation is in real time, the user will move his face and the mask will follow his movement.

M.A.S.K. (My Alter Self Konciousness)

  • Stage Fright - Nova Jiang

Interactive piece creating the sensation of flight. The working of human perception is tested through the combination of physical and virtual movement. The piece aims to involve the entire body of the participant in a perceptual exercise. An ordinary swing stands next to a wall. A large vignette of the sky is projected onto the wall. Clouds are moving slowly in it. Audience members are invited to sit on the swing facing the projection. The movement of the swing triggers an exaggerated sense of rising and falling in the footage of the cloudy sky. For example, as the participant swings higher, the video alters to create a corresponding but much more emphasized illusion of rising higher in the sky. [...] An airplane flies past. A balloon rises. A broken umbrella is blown across the sky. But the narrative of the video is forever slightly beyond the perceptual field of the person sitting on the swing, infusing the experience with a sense of futility and doubt.

Stage Fright

  • 360º score - Philippe Chatelain

Augmenting pixel-paintings to a sound level with hand scanning devices used by the public. These paintings and environments have a defined structure and colors. They are made of enlarged clusters of pixels and can be adapted in any space size without loosing their aspect. Although the general structure appears as fixed, the physical position of users, their way of moving when using the device while scanning graphics, will be combined to the informations contained in the pixel-paintings as effective parameters. Color (luminosity, saturation, hue) is mapped into sound parameters (tone, volume, timbre).

360º score

  • Immodesty - Karolina Sobecka

Information technology radically altered out experience of space and time disrupting its unity by introducing instantaneousness and simultaneity. This project will experiment with dividing and reconstituting movement in time and space by dissociating temporal-spatial realm of the recorded footage from the temporal-spatial realm of the camera. I propose to create a custom portable image recording system based on multiple cameras positioned sequentially along a path. The cameras will be controlled by a microcontroller, which can assign a time delay to each camera independently.


  • Daedalus_ex_Machina [DexM] - Walter Langelaar

The DexM project consists of a labyrinthe construction which traverses the real and the virtual, in the form of an interactive and immersive envionment. It combines videogame technology with Augmented Reality tools in order to create a recursive loop between "real" imagery drawn from a videocamera, and the virtual world of a 3D-videogame.


  • Expanded Eye - Anaísa Franco

An interactive light installation composed by a big eye sculpture suspended from the ceiling; the big eye looks at to the user, but it's in fact user's eye which is projected inside the sculpture. The sculpture recognizes the user’s eye blinking and generates an interactive animation based on it. Each blink of the user multiplies the number of eyes in the projection in a fragmented, hexagonal and dislocated way. The core of the piece is to expand the view of human beings, transforming the view into a multiple and hexagonal expansion as the ultra complex insect’s compounds eyes structure.

Expanded Eye

  • augment(0)scope - Eloi Maduell
The idea is to make something similar to the old "optical boxes" developed on the 18th century. "Optical boxes" were wooden boxes where you could see, through a lens, engraves and daguerreotypes that allowed you to "travel" to remote places. This project plans to create an "optical box" using artificial vision technology and augmented reality techniques, thus overlapping "video" realities and "digital" fictions. The box will be hanging on the ceiling over user's head, so she can freely rotate it on the space.

  • Biophionitos - Paola Guimerans, Horacio González, Igor González

Zoetrope meets generative art. This project consists on the development of an interface (processing) to automatically generate short animations based on drawings/pets drawn by the users. The shape of the drawing will be split in a limited series of simple polygons that can be manipulated using handles. Based on the drawing and actions made by the user, the sequence of drawings will be generated and integrated in a single circular image. Users will have to print, cut out and insert their own sequence in an interactive zoetrope to animate it and see itthrough a mirror.



  • Cuadrats 40 años después - Domingo Sarrey Quadrats
  • The Camera and The Perspective, as Tool and Metaphor - Nadine Wanono
  • The Visual Web: Where Semantics meets Computer Vision - Manuel Sánchez-Gestido
  • Caída del juego: lo inaparente en la imagen - Marta Morales
  • Visiones barrocas: conocimiento e ilusión - José Ramón Marcaida
  • Alchemy of Light - Ruth Sergel
  • Demiurgos de la Luz (o de la caverna a la cultura VJ_proyecciones en tiempo real) - Carmen Gil Vrolijk
  • The Bond of Repetition and Representation - Eduardo Navas

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