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The audiovisual archives as commons

Commons Laboratory work group devoted to discussing the subject proposed by Tíscar Lara: The audiovisual archives as commons

Brief description 
Who is it for? Profile of participants

Brief description
Audiovisual productions by the media are constructions of the most immediate reality, representing society and showing it media of mass communication. In a certain way, they produce historical memory and the collective psyche. Citizens should have access to this type of documents as a guarantee for their right to information, to make their own consultations and critical analyses, and as a source of resources for creative production, research, and teaching. 
The idea of the audiovisual archive as commons reclaims the right to access and use of media audiovisual archives and fosters the search for solutions for their free availability.
It is based on Spanish television’s aim of providing a public service, which is true of both public and private media, as grantees of frequencies that belong to the commons.

• Research the bases that characterize audiovisual archives as commons.
• Look for formulas to regulate the access and use of audiovisual archives that enable reuse of materials for teaching, research and creation purposes, in combination with stations’ commercial exploitation rights.
• Looking for systems to structure the preservation, availability, access and re-appropriation of audiovisual archives (such as online bookshops, etc.).

Who is it for? Profile of participants
• Persons interested in Open Source, free culture and Copyleft projects
• Persons with knowledge of library science and documentation, as well as online management
• Persons with knowledge of Spanish legislation and, especially matters related to intellectual property.
• Persons interested in critical pedagogy and Media Education.

Methodology (frequency of meetings in the physical space, use of online tools)
Collaborative work through a wiki:
• Making a report that defines the situation of audiovisual archives today.
• Documentation of similar projects.

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