Medialab Prado


Libre Graphics Meeting 2013. Program

10.04.2013 - 12.04.2013

Place: Medialab-Prado. Pza. de las Letras, calle Alameda 15. 2014. Madrid

Medialab-Prado hosts the international Libre Graphics Meeting in Madrid (April 10-13, 2013). The event brings together developers and designers from all over the world to work on the many different tools in the Free, Libre and Open Source toolbox. This 8th edition focuses on (re)inventing a libre graphics workflow that supports collaboration and exchange.


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Wednesday, April 10

At the Workshop space

14:30h. Character animation in Synfig. Workshop led by Konstantin Dmitriev. (Sala A) [+info]

At the Auditorium

17:00h. Opening lecture by Femke Snelting, Laura Fernández and Marcos García: Future Tools [+info]

    17:20h. Sergio Galán and Víctor Díaz: Programalaplaza: an online tool to write visual sketches for the Medialab-prado Media facade [+info]
    17:30h. Sirko Kemter: The Fedora Design Suite - Distribute The Tools [+info]
    17:50h. Camille Bissuel, Cedric Gémy, and Alexandre Quessy: Mikado, a "Future tool" for image manipulation with graphs and nodes based on Tempi and GEGL [+info]
    18:20h. Brendan Howell: PyCessing [+info]
    18:30h. Samer Hassan and Vicente Ruiz Jurado (colectivo comunes): Kune Collaborative Software [+info]
    18:40h. Tom Lechner: Shareable Tools [+info]
    18:50h. Claudia Krummenacher: Printed Books versus eBooks; What we will use DTP for in the future [+info]
    19:00h. Libre Graphics magazine editorial team, Ana Isabel Carvalho, Ginger Coons, and Ricardo Lafuente: Making pages turn: The physical side of F/LOSS design [+info]
    19:20h. Tavmjong Bah: The future of SVG and Web standards [+info]
    19:40h. Ben Martin and Dave Crossland: Fonts of DOOM: Real Time Collaborative Type Design with FontForge and Friends [+info]
    20:15h. Lecture by Joaquín Rodríguez: Digital Potlatch [+info]


Thursday, April 11

At the Auditorium

    10:00h. Introduction to Interactivos?'13: Herramientas para un mundo legible y editable. Jennifer Dopazo, Ginger Coons, Ana Carvalho, Ricardo Lafuente, Vicente Ruiz Jurado, and Samer Hassan (colectivo comunes).
    10:20h. José María Blanco, José María Blanco, María Solé Bravo, and Anna Carreras: Free Freedom of Speech Kit (F2SK) [+info]
    10:40h. Julien Deswaef: Design with Git [+info]
    11:00h. Carla Bosermann: Colaboratorio de Relatos [+info]
    11:20h. Ben Martin: ZeroMQ and Real Time Collaborative Font Design [+info]
    12:00h. Eleanor Greenhalgh: Yes, No? Maybe [+info]
    12:20h. Miguel Arana Catania y Carlos Barragán: Incoma. Exploiting the "collective" of the collective intelligence [+info]
    12:40h. Makeatuvida: El Recetario.
    13:00h. Enrique César: Prometeo: Libre copia [+info]
    13:20h. Susan Spencer: Tau Meta Tau Physica [+info]

    17:00h. Lightningtalks / Open Podium
    17:40h. Boudewijn Rempt: Introducing the Krita Foundation [+info]
    17:50h. Timothée Giet: The "Krita Sketch" project [+info]
    18:20h. Chris Murphy: The Inconvenient Truth About Display Calibration [+info]
    18:40h. Nikos Roussos: Make Popcorn [+info]
    19:00h. David Tschumperlé: G'MIC : A full-featured framework for image processing with various interfaces [+info]
    19:20h. Alvaro del Castillo San Felix: vizGrimoireJS: A framework for Metrics Visualization in Javascript [+info]
    19:40h. GIMP team: Save your work, export results^W^W^W^W^W^WQ+A with GIMPers [+info]

20:15h. Lecture by Chris Kelty: The Internet and Its Parasites: Freedom and Participation [+info]

21: 30h. Performance Resonance by PTKLab collective. An illuminating action which uses Processing to synchronize all graphic devices connected through the network.

21:40h. Screening: Hello World! Processing by Ultra-lab

At the Workshop space

14:30h. Krita Sketch workshop. Workshop led by Timothée Giet. (Sala D) [+info]
14:30h. Libre Media's creation workflow: sharing session. Workshop led by Jehan Pagès and Aryeom Han. (Sala A) [+info]
14:30h. Open Font Library Catalogathon. Workshop led by Nathan Willis. (Lab) [+info]
14:30h. GIMP Team Meeting (Sala C)

Friday, April 12

At the Auditorium

    10:00h. Vernon Adams: Free-ness as an aspect of type design [+info]
    10:20h. Nathan Willis y Vernon Adams (Por Confirmar): How we wrote a FontForge user manual in three days [+info]
    10:40h. Manuel Schmalstieg: Designing a Libre Font Specimen Book [+info]
    10:50h. Alexei Vanyashin: It takes a team to make a font [+info]
    11:00h. Bastide Raphaël: Unified Typeface Design [+info]
    11:10h. Werner Lemberg: The development of ttfautohint, a TrueType auto-hinter [+info]
    11:30h. Miroslav Mazel: Design and LibreOffice [+info]
    12:00h. Jehan Pagès: Libre Cinema! Apertus Axiom: the open digital cinema camera [+info]
    12:20h. Sirko Kemter: Make The Movies Free [+info]
    12:40h. Nina Paley: It's 2013. Do You KNow Where My Free Vector Animation Software Is? [+info]
    12:50h. OSP Open Source Publishing, Pierre Huyghebaert, Alexandre Leray, Ludivine Loiseau, Pierre Marchand, Eric Schrijver y Stéphanie Vilayphiou: Along school fences [+info]
    13:10h. Aymeric Mansoux, Aldje van Meer (Por Confirmar), Deanna Herst Kim de Groot (Por Confirmar) y Jon Stam: Willem de Kooning Academie strikes back: open source approach in art and design BA education [+info]

    17:00h. Lightningtalks / Open Podium
    17:40h. Julien Deswaef: uHbench: open source hardware public bench [+info]
    17:50h. Verónica Velaz García: Smart furnitures' database [+info]
    18:00h. Danjl Vasiliev. Hotglue, Superglue [+info]
    18:20h. Thierry Ravet: EYE-NIMATION: Interfacing of animation software for didactic purposes [+info]
    18:30h. Ale Rimoldi: Ceci n'est pas une pipe [+info]
    18:40h. Tom Lechner: New Laidout Tools [+info]
    18:50h. Jennifer Dopazo: Digital Foundations [+info]
    19:00h. Massimo Maria Avvisati: ARsenico: Libre Augmented Reality Platform [+info]
    19:10h. Gustav Gonzalez: Tupi: Open 2D Magic (to rule them all!) [+info]
    19:30h. Pedro Ângelo: Dataflower - harnessing heterogeneous parallelism for creative applications [+info]  
    19:40h. François Zajéga: Melon - a kinect based controller [+info]

20:15h. Lecture by Kat Braybrooke: The Open Design Definition and the Public Domain Remix. [+info]

At the Workshop space

14:30h. Production speedpainting with Krita. Workshop led by David Revoy. (Sala C) [+info]
14:30h. Translation Workshop. Workshop led by María Leandro. (Sala A) [+info]
14:30h. Meeting/BOF Synfig Studio development priorities. Led by Carlos López González. (Sala D)
14:30h. Meeting/BOF Towards a network of free culture aware educators in art and design education. Led by Aymeric Mansoux, Aldje van Meer (to be confirmed), Deanna Herst Kim de Groot (to be confirmed) and Jon Stam. (Lab)
14:30h. Create your own constructivist./modular typeface. Workshop led by Alexei Vanyashin. (Sala B)

17:00h. Discussion around the book Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software. Chris Kelty and

21:30h. Performance by Jon Nordby y Brendan Howell: Piksels and Lines Orchestra. (Lab)

23:00h. Future Tools Party!! Mi madre era una groupie metro Antón Martín

Saturday, April 13

At the Auditorium

    10:00h. Steve Czajka: GIMP Magazine [+info]
    10:10h. Stella Carrera: Use of Open Source Software in Secundary Education [+info]
    10:20h. José Mogrol, Andrés Vargas LLano (designer) Rebeca Rodríguez (photographer): Proyecto Infancia Digital Poor Camera [+info]
    10:30h. Fridrich Strba y Valentin Filippov: Give me my drawing back! - Dragging your proprietary files to free-sofware world [+info]
    10:50h. Joaquín Herrera: Presentación of the eBook Blender: 3D for Education [+info]
    11:10h. Tavmjong Bah: Inkscape Update [+info]
    12:00h. Xavi Manzanares: Imago Sonification [+info]
    12:20h. Jakub Steiner: Localized Animation with Blender [+info]
    12:30h. Jon Nordby: libmypaint: MyPaint brushes in every application [+info]
    12:40h. Manufactura Independente, Ana Isabel Carvalho y Ricardo Lafuente: Libre type design: breaking tradition and going new ways [+info]

At the Workshop space

11:00h. Creating and Theming a Booktype Community. Workshop led by Mick Fuzz and Elisa de Castro Guerra. (Sala C) [+info]
11:00h. The loop of sense,... Workshop led by Magda Arques. (Sala A) [+info]
11:00h. Libre Graphics meets Wikimedia Commons. Workshop led by Lila Pagola. (Lab) [+info]
11:00h. Designing and developing websites using free software. Workshop led by Jesús David Navarro Rodríguez. (Sala B) [+info]

13:30h. Closing discussion


Sunday, April 14

Guided Tour: Medialab-Prado in Madrid and the Printing Industry. [+info]

    10:45h Meeting point: Medialab Prado - Serrería Belga.
    11:00h Printing Juan de la Cuesta (See Cervantes Society). C/Atocha, 87.
    12:00h Museo de la Imprenta Municipal - Artes del Libro. C/Concepción Jerónima, 15.


Acerca de LGM 2013

By Libre Graphics we mean Free, Libre and Open Source tools for design, illustration, typography, lay-out, art, photography, publishing, cartography, animation and video. The Libre Graphics meeting is not just about software, but extends to standards, fileformats and actual creative work.

Since 2006, LGM has taken place every year. This year’s edition has been preceded by LGM 2006 in Lyon, France; LGM 2007 in Montreal, Canada; LGM 2008 in Wroclaw, Poland; LGM 2009 in Montreal; LGM 2010 in Brussels, Belgium; LGM 2011 in Montreal, Canada and LGM 2012 in Vienna, Austria.



LGM is free to attend thanks to the support of:

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GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program


Libre Graphics Research Unit is a collaboration between: Constant: Association for Art and Media (Brussels, BE), Medialab-Prado (Madrid, ES), Piksel (Bergen, NO), WORM, institute for avantgardistic recreation (Rotterdam, NL).

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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