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The Pirates are the Parents: Defending Rights Related to Exchanges on the Web

Paper presented by Simona Levi (in representation of EXGAE) within the context of the 4º Inclusiva-net Meeting: P2P Networks and Processes, celebrated in Madrid from July 6 to 10, 2009.


"Over the last few years we have witnessed several attacks on civil rights and freedoms in the name of artists and in the name of the concept of "intellectual property”.

People are usually surprised when I say this, but lets go back and look at the facts.

I will speak here as a citizen but even more as an artist, a curator or a cultural practitioner in general, because extremely devastating cultural policies are being implemented in our name, in order to protect our "intellectual property", they tell us, and against our will.

Often to “protect” us we hear the use of the word “piracy”.

The two phenomena they are mixing up are, on one hand, the idea of the private exchange of information and knowledge and, on the other, every body's right to get paid for their work. Of course nobody should do business with other people's creative works without paying the author fairly (and I'm not referring to the precarious jobs, like scriptwriting, offered by the cultural industry....)"

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