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Thinking and Doing Medialab-Prado May 13

13.05.2010 19:00h

Place: Medialab-Prado · Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid

First working session to analyze the current situation of the medialab and debate its future. Medialab-Prado's collaborators, participants, users and external analysts will take part. These meetings are open to anyone interested. [live streaming]

Next sessions: Juy 8, October 14, 2010 and March 3, 2011.

May 13 / 7pm: public presentation of the project and brief intervention of each one of the guests



After almost three years at its current location at the Plaza de las Letras, Medialab-Prado is now facing a move to a new location in the adjoining building, the former Serrería Belga (Belgian Sawmill). This change poses a significant challenge, given that it involves conditions different from the present ones, in terms of scale and context.

Therefore, now seems like a good time to open up a space for reflection and an analysis of its practices and operating methods, its context, audiences and users. This will help us to plan the future through a process of dialogues, gathering multiple contributions and perspectives; an inclusive process involving people who have made fundamental contributions to configuring the project, including regular collaborators and users. It also includes the views of people outside the project and is open to anyone interested in contributing ideas or listening to the discussions.

Pensando y haciendo Medialab-Prado is an activity with a structure of four work sessions held throughout 2010, with the participation of the following guests: Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, Nerea Calvillo, Jordi Claramonte, Juan Freire, Jesús González Barahona, Antonio Lafuente, Juan Martín Prada, Carolina del Olmo, José Luis de Vicente, and members of the  Fridays OpenLab group.

In parallel to the onsite sessions programme, we have initiated an information gathering process, sending several questions to regular collaborators and users so they can serve as a guide for each person to send us their views on what Medialab is and what it could be.

1.    Description and assessment of your experience at Medialab-Prado
2.    What do you find most valuable, and what aspects do you think should change or improve?
3.    How do you think Medialab-Prado should evolve, in view of its future setting

The assessments received will be posted on this Web site and will serve as the basis for the work group’s analysis.

> List of answers

If you want to send your assessment, send your name, a brief bio, and your answers to the questions to: pensando[arroba]

Thinking and Doing Medialab-Prado is being carried out with the collaboration of Alberto Corsín y Adolfo Estalella.


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