Medialab Prado


Thinking and Doing Medialab-Prado: contributions of users and collaborators

Within the context of the activities of the Thinking and Doing Medialab-Prado work group we have started a process of information gathering so collaborators and users can explain what means the medialab for them and what would they like it to be.

Next meeting: March, 3, 2011


In order to do so we suggest to structure the text around these questions:

  1. Description and evaluation of your experience in Medialab-Prado
  2. How do you value Medialab-Prado? What do you think could be changed or improved?
  3. How do you think it should evolve, considering its future location at the new building (the Old Belgium Sawmill)? 


Submitted texts will be published in this website and will serve as a basis for the analysis of the work group.

- Miguel Álvarez-Fernández (see article)

- Ricardo Antón (see article

- Michel Bauwens (see article in English

- Joaquín Borrego Díaz (see article)

- Bronya Calderón (see article

- Nerea Calvillo (see article

- Daniel Canogar (see article

- Carla Capeto (see article)  

- Jordi Claramonte (see article)

- Delphine_Blondin (see article)

- Javier Duero (see article)

- Alejandro Duque (see article)

- Ignacio de Castro (see article)

- Flavio Escribano (see article

- Daniel Fernández (see article)

- Juan Freire (see article

- Verina Gfader (see article in English

- Jesús María González-Barahona (see article)

- Jesús Moreno Hidalgo (see article)

- Igor González Martín (see article

- Paola Guimerans (see article)

- Simone Jones (see article in English)

- Max Kazemzadeh (see article in English)

- Marta Keckler (see article)

- Antonio Lafuente (see article)

- Rocío Lara (see article)

- Zachary Lieberman (see article in English)

- Arantxa Mendiharat (see article)

- Gabriel Menotti (see article

- Francesca Mereu (see article)

- Hamilton Mestizo (see article)

- Keyvan Minoukadeh (see article in English) 

- Frédérique Muscinési (see article)

- Alexander Narváez (see article

- Julian Oliver (see article in English)

- Carolina del Olmo (see article)

- Alma Orozco (see article

- Marta Peirano (see article)

- Gabriel  Perezzan (see article)

- Juan Martín Prada (see article)

- Pablo Ripollés (see article)

- David Rodríguez (see article)

- Susana Serrano (see article)

- Clayton Shaw (see article in English)

- Hans-Christoph Steiner (see article in English)

- Chris Sugrue (see article in English)

- Alejandro Tamayo (see article

- Paola Tognazzi  (see article)

- Isidoro Valcárcel (see article

- José Luis de Vicente (see article


If you want to send your approach, send your name, short resume and the answers to the questions to: pensando[at]


(* A process inspired by Zemos98  for the last edition of the festival, for which they asked different cultural agentes to write an "informal report" about the theme and possible ways of organizing the event)
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