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The work group on data journalism has been on since 20 October 2011. It started after a seminar organized by Medialab Prado, Access Info Europe and Fundación ciudadana Civio. Below we offer information on the work group, its schedule and a registration form that will give you access to the free mailing list in which there are debates on this theme. If you want to tweet us please use the hashtag #periodismodatos.

What is the work group on data journalism?


Registration for the work group


What is the work group on data journalism?

The idea of creating a work group on data journalism arose from a desire to promote this discipline in Spain, where it is unusual to find this practice applied to everyday news or research. The catalyst is the success of other data journalists’ groups in other countries. This group aims to deal with the difficulties and obstacles that exist today in Spain and also work to make them more common in our media.

The first obstacle we find in our country is that no law granted access to public data exists and the public data reuse policy is weak, unclear and varies according to each administrative entity. Data journalism is based on database study and processing. Without them, research is clearly not possible.

Data journalism also poses other challenges to journalists who should acquire new skills so they are able to read, combine and extract information from databases.

Through the work group, we aim to create a space where tricks, contacts and experiences can be shared to make these difficulties easier to deal with.

Another objective is to create a meeting place where journalists, data visualizers, and all professionals interested in this new discipline can create synergies and thus obtain better results in their research and reports.

The core of the work group is comprised by: José Luis de Vicente, Victoria Anderica, David Cabo, Alberto Cairo, Pepe Cervera  Antonio Delgado and Mar Cabra.

Join the Madrid Periodismo de datos Meetup and stay tuned.



During the first two seasons the group gathered once a month and the contents were defined by the work group itself. During the first year we approached the theme with an overview and some small workshops on the available tools. During the second year we dealt with some themes in depth. In this first season we have changed the dynamics and we are hosting a production workshop at the end of 2013.


Registration for the work group

Registering for the work group also gives you access to the mail list where we discuss subjects and initiatives related to data journalism. Registration is free and involves no commitments, although we would love it if you participate as much as possible!

To form part of this group please fill in the following form

You can also see the page of the group at wiki del medialab

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