Medialab Prado


Experimental Tuesdays (Martes Experimentales)

21.12.2011 18:30h - 21:00h

Place: Medialab-Prado. Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 · Madrid

Final session of the Martes Experimentales series, after over twenty performances throughout the year at Pepa Tencha. To celebrate, the Piovra Colectivo has organized a very special session with audiovisual screenings of the work of some of the series' protagonists: Vaz Oliver, Skeamo and Dank Zappa & Jeldrik Schmuch.

The content of the performances will be mainly audiovisual, with links to other arts and forms of expression.


Projection by Seijiro Murayama

Video of the sound performance by Seijiro Murayama produced by the Piovra Colectivo and directed by La Casinegra, introduced and explained by members of Piovra and La Casinegra, with time for a post-screening debate with the artists.

Seijiro Murayama is a hard-to-classify Japanese artist. A percussionist, drummer and composer, he combines his melodies with other artistic disciplines such as photography, design and poetry.

In this video piece, Murayama is joined on stage by musicians Miguel A. García, Daniel del Río and Jorge Vicario, who contribute magic to the improvisation, and to top it off, a contemporary dance show with Daan Vervoort, Javier Monzón and Allan Falieri from the Compañia Nacional de Danza (National Dance Company).


Dank Zappa & Jeldrik Schmuch: Electrónica with an A

An overview of the work of pioneering women at the beginning of electronic music. An attentive follower of avant garde music, especially various 1960s trends, DankZappa has played his vinyl records in numerous bars and clubs in Berlin, Copenhagen and Madrid. For this set, he has focused on electronic exploration from the 1950s to the 1970s, with pieces composed exclusively or partially by women, to highlight the significance (at times unknown) of women's role in the early years of synthesized music. In addition, there are improvised effects and visuals by Jeldrik Schmuch, a creative technologist and visual artist who mixes dark images and generative graphics in real time to create a dreamlike quality.



Vaz Oliver

His music combines acoustic and electronic elements. In his performances, he uses loops recorded  randomly to build songs and textures, always leaving room for improvisation, which makes each performance unique and different. In spite of his “one man band” format, he does not aim to  sound like a complete band but rather to highlight the live creative process in each of his songs, and for the audience to enjoy it as well. This way he offers audiences the chance to enter the artist's personal universe, not only through his compositions but also through their creation and evolution live.



This artist with a unique, ambitious background focuses the performance on a search for emotional textures and landscapes where a base of loops created in his own laboratory serve to lend complete freedom to the improvisation.

Skeamo is accompanied by two special collaborators: Miguel Espada, whose generative visuals create a world full of geometric complexity, and choreographer and performer Ana Kuntzelman, who dialogues with this audiovisual collage through movement.


All performances will be recorded and broadcast on Piovra TV.

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