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Playlab: Experimentation with Videogames

Medialab-Prado and the collective for experimentation and creation of videogames ArsGames start up PlayLab, an iniciative that tries to discover new artistic expressions through the videogame world.



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The project, defined as an space for experimentation, creation, learning and diffusion of videogames, has the purpose of developing a variety of colaborative actions during the next months. To that effect, a work group will be created for exploring -in a colective, interdisciplinary and collaborative way- the use of software and hardware tools, as well as metodologies of creation that are related to videogames and its applications in other contexts (culture, music, art, education, etc.)

To emphasize this multidisciplinary and collaborative nature, PlayLab will be open to the participation of anyone who is interested in exploring the creative posibilities of videogames.


Activities program:


  • PlayLab: Laboratory of experimentation with videogames

This call for projects aims to explore the context of games and Video games as a space for creativity, experimentation, learning and reflection. Selected proposals will be carried out within the collaborative production workshop that will take place in Madrid on January (21 to 24) and February (4 to 7), 2010. With the collaboration of Arsgames. Deadline for proposals: November 25, 2009. [+info]

A call for collaborators will be issued once the list of selected projects is published.


  • Video game programming with free software

Friday, October 23, 2009 /  7 pm

Jaume Castells, engineer and programmer, talks about the creative and low-cost possibilities of free software for video game programming. [+info]


  • Weekly meetings

Every Friday at 5:30 pm unless otherwise indicated.

More information about PlayLab here.

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