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First Week of Free Works: Open Call

SOL1 is an initiative organized by several institutions from Madrid in order to promote and spark the debate on free culture, through which they aim to bring visibility to works that allow to be used, changed and redistributed freely as means of knowledge and cultural enrichment.

The First Week for Free Works will take place May 13-19, 2011

Open Call for proposals for activities is now open. Proposals can be submitted through

Organized by: CAMON, EOI School of Business, Rey Juan Carlos University and Medialab-Prado.

Hashtag: #SOL1 | Twitter: @obraslibres |

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Between May 13 and 19, the First Week for Free Works will take place, an event featuring exhibitions, workshops, projections and concerts.
The Open Call is now open for anyone interested in submitting proposals for a week dedicated to the concept of “free works”, understood as those giving freedom to users to reuse its contents and apply what is learned from them to change, improve and freely distribute copies.

This initiative has been developed collectively by various institutions -CAMON, EOI Escuela de Organización Industrial, Rey Juan Carlos University and Medialab-Prado- and is now open to the participation of other entities, collectives or individuals proposing activities in which free works are produced and exhibited, as well as those sparking a critical debate on this model.

SOL1 is born after three previous editions of the Free Works Workshop organized by Libresoft (Rey Juan Carlos University) aiming to become an open activity for new collaborators and new territories.

Proposals can be submitted through the web

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