Medialab Prado


General Meeting of the Commons Lab: the Commons and the Digital Environment - December 2012

12.12.2012 18:00h

Place: Medialab-Prado en Talleres de coordinación Matadero Madrid (Paseo de la Chopera, 14 Madrid)

This general session of the Commons Lab’s work groups will be dedicated to the digital commons (those goods pertaining to the immaterial sphere of the Web and the very Web as a common good), with it the journey through the four different domains of the commons: city and commons, rural medium and commons, body and commons, which started in 2011 and continued throughout 2012, comes to an end. 



Free software, Copyleft, Wikipedia, movements in defense of the Web’s neutrality… The debates on the potentials and the challenges of the digital commons do not cease to emerge. But this Commons Lab Session will have a different approach: the idea is not to talk about the digital commons’ internal problems but to use it as a lens to take a different look at reality, as an interpreting key, that can translate to different contexts and inspire us to imagine beyond the prescribed possibilities.

Since we frequently think of the Web as a kind of “extravagant island”, where the laws of the world of atoms (shortage, hierarchy, competence) do not apply, and the impossible becomes possible (abundance, cooperation, participation). “That is only possible in the Web”, we often say with resignation. But what if we tried to think of the Web not just as an exception unrelated to anything else, but as some sort of “conceptual crack” through which everything else could be seen differently?

The moderator of the session will be Amador Fdez-Savater, and he will be joined by the following guests:


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