Medialab Prado


Video Game Programming With Free Software

23.10.2009 19:00h

Place: Medialab Prado · Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid

Jaume Castells, engineer and programmer, talks about the creative and low-cost possibilities of video game programing using free software. 

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The video game field is, nowadays, totally based in proprietary software. Everybody is used to millionaire trade marks only accesible to big companies. 

How can one make a video game without investing a big amount of money?

Can one learn to develop applications or video games technically similar to the ones the market but without having to pay for them? That's where free software comes into the picture.


Structure of the lecture:

  • What is free software?
  • Free software? free of charge
  • Free software vs. proprietary software
  • What kind of tools do you need to develop a video game?
  • Secondary free tools
  • Essencial free tools
  • Free examples
  • How to begin?


This lecture is part of the activities of PlayLab: Experimentation with video games

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