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Screening Comics for the City Workshop

08.09.2015, 09.09.2015 18:00h - 21:00h

Place: Alameda (1ª Planta /1st Floor)

Within the framework of the Hidden Histories Project that will be screened on the digital façade September 11, 2015, we offer this two-day workshop with Elisa G. McCausland and #bookcamping. A “guided visit” to #bookcamping’s digital library, from which a series of references from comics and fanzines with open licenses will be selected. 

This activity takes place within the InVISIBLE and VISIBLE CITIES 2015 Open Call of the Connecting Cities Network European Project, curated by Nerea Calvillo.

The workshop is free, but registration is required, registration is open until September 7.

REM de Susanna Martín 

The workshop for the selection and creation of images will be divided in two sessions, taking place on two consecutive days: September 8th and 9th 2015.



During this session there will be a selection of references related to Elisa G. McCausland’s trajectory regarding comics, as well as a “guided visit” that will mark a possible itinerary for learning more about the topic and that will be part of this section in the #bookcamping digital library.

The selection will give shape to a journey guided by references to comics and fanzines with open licenses (or that could be open, such as printed examples without license or with license but without an available digital copy). This guided visit is a learning proposal and a way of suggesting formats, regarding ideas that have been put into practice in the past and pedagogical examples of what is currently happening in the national and international scene.

(To participate in this session we recommend you bring a laptop, but it is not a requirement)



During the second session – collective graphic creation – the first REM encounter will take place. It is an encounter to share contributions and elaborate a collective selection in regards to the event on September 11th.


To learn more here you can access all the information regarding the REM project.



En esta sesión se llevará a cabo una selección de referencias que se identifique con la trayectoria de Elisa G. McCausland respecto al cómic, una "visita guiada" que marca un recorrido posible de aprendizaje con respecto a este tema y que pasará a formar parte de esta sección dentro de la biblioteca digital de #bookcamping.

La selección conformará un viaje guiado por referencias de cómics y fanzines licenciados con licencias libres, (o que podrían estarlo, de ahí los físicos sin licencia, o físicos con licencia pero sin copia disponible en digital). Esta visita guiada es también propuesta de aprendizaje y sugerencia de formatos, ideas llevadas a cabo en el pasado y ejemplos didácticos de lo que se está haciendo en el panorama nacional e internacional. 

[Para la participación en esta sesión no es imprescindible pero se recomienda acudir con portátil].


These projects are funded by the Connecting Cities European Project. 


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