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What is Interactivos?

Documentary about Interactivos? platform.

Interactivos? is a research and production platform for the creative and educational uses of technology, focused on the collective creation using open hardware and open software.  Its goal is to experiment with the use of electronics and software for artistic, design and educational projects, thus contributing to the development of communities of cultural producers in this field.

Interactivos? events are a hybrid between a production workshop, a seminar and an showcase. A space for reflection, research, and collaborative work is created, in which proposals selected by an international open call are developed and then displayed. The process is open to the public from beginning to end.
Interactivos? is not based on a traditional workshop model or the typical teacher-student relationship where the experts teach and a group of students learns. The Interactivos? model involves an exchange of information among workshop participants. In a setting focused on production, meeting, debate and collective learning, several tutors serve as conceptual and technical advisors for the trans-disciplinary working groups developing each of the proposals.

Since the platform was formed in 2006, Interactivos? events have been held all over the world and served as a catalyst for an international network of collaborations and contacts among local and international agents.


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