Medialab Prado


#redada 17: Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information

13.06.2012 19:00h

Place: Medialab-Prado en Intermediae Matadero Madrid (Paseo de la Chopera, 14 Madrid)

New session of #redada, a debate on social trends and topics related to culture, civil rights and technology.

This session is dedicated to debate about the future Law on Transparency and Access to Public Information, access to public information, civil rights and privacy with Victoria Anderica (Access Info), Mar Cabra (Fundación Civio), Maria Rosa Rotondo (APRI), José Luis Piñar Mañas (CEU-San Pablo) and Javier de la Cueva (lawyer end expert in intellectual property and civil rights). Coordinator: Antonio Delgado.




One of the most recurring topics during the #redada meetings has been a denouncement of the lack of transparency in Spanish public administrations compared to other nearby countries. At the #redada 2 and #redada 8 meetings in Madrid, a need was discussed for a Law of Transparency, civil rights and public information, essential legislation in democratic societies.

Currently, the government is working on a draft bill for a Law which will mean that Spain will no longer be one of the very few European countries without a Law of Transparency. A public consultation on this draft bill was held between 26 March and 10 April, receiving 3,683 contributions from individuals, companies, NGOs and from within the public administration. In addition, due to social interest on this legislation, the draft bill website had over 80,000 visits during the first few weeks. 

Some civil associations consider that the current draft does not meet international transparency standards. However, it is a law where a balance must be found between the right to access to information and other fundamental rights such as privacy.

Participants in our discussion of the outstanding aspects of this law as well as the most recent modifications approved on the draft in view of citizens' suggestions are:

- Victoria Anderica, coordinator of projects and campaigns at Access Info (@vickyande)

- Maria Rosa Rotondo, president of the Association of Professionals of Institutional Relations (APRI). (@mrrotondo)

- Mar Cabra, director of Fundación Civio and investigative journalist (@cabralens)

- José Luis Piñar Mañas, Vice Dean of International Relations at Universidad CEU-San Pablo. Former director of AGPD. In charge of an R + D research project on "Data Protection, Transparency, Security and Markets". 

- Javier de la Cueva, expert lawyer in intellectual property and civil rights (@jdelacueva)

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