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Commons Lab General Meeting: Commons and the Rural Area. March 2012

22.03.2012 17:30h

Place: Medialab-Prado · Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid

Second general session of the Commons Lab work groups2011-2012. This meeting is moderated by Fernando García-Dory This session, moderated by Fernando García-Dory, is focused on the rural environment, common assets management, food supplies.



Following the session held in February 2012, dedicated to Commons and the City, the main topic of discussion for this second session is the rural area, one of the four commons environments described by Antonio Lafuente

On this occasion we shall count with the following participants:

Fernando García-Dory, the panel moderator and the director of the Campo Adentro project. [download Spanish text in pdf]

Antonio Lafuente, director of Medialab-Prado's Commons Lab line of work. [download Spanish text in pdf]  


The invited speakers are:

Isidro López from the Observatorio de la Sostenibilidad (Sustainability Observatory) and member of the Observatorio Metropolitano (Metropolitan Observatory)  [download Spanish text in pdf]  

and Javier Colmenarejo, goatherd, cheese-maker and Vice-president of the Federacion Estatal de Pastores (State Federation of Shepherds).

They will present their projects and initiatives in order to generate a debate among all of the groups that partake in the commons lab. Other collectives, associations and projects dedicated to this milieu, will join us. Among the confirmed participants, we would like to point out the following:

Rosa Fernández de ColaBoraBora which participates in the Empresas del Procomún (Commons Enterprises) research, not only as a research team, but as the coordinating team of the project. They analyse several case studies, located in rural areas, related to communal and environmental resources (earth, water, seeds, woods, etc.) and cultural resources (popular knowledge). [download Spanish text in pdf] 

Ruralccultura Collective with Montfragüe Fdez-Lavandera, Anna Recasens and Atilio Doreste (who will not be attending), approaching the rural environment from arts and activism. [download Spanish text in pdf]

Félix Rodrigo Mora, scholar in rural traditions, who has recently published an article on the defence of the communal against a new process of confiscation in Soberanía alimentaria (Food Sovereignty) magazine., one of the groups of the Commons Lab. An an open, free and neutral telecommunications network. It is based on a peer to peer interconnection agreement where each participant extents the net and gets connection from the rest.

Hernani Días, leader of the project Re:farm the city 

César García, leader of the project MercaMadrid: Una topología visual de la red de flujos de los alimentos, along with Montserrat Cañedo (who will not be attending), developed during the workshop Visualizar'11: Understanding Infrastructures.

Some of the themes we would like to discuss are:

  • The management of communal resources
  • The relation between material and digital commons. What lessons can they learn from each other?
  • The tension between closed and open communities (following the debate that took place during the session dedicated to commons and the city)
  • Environment and sustainability
  • and food sovereignty.

We shall end the session presenting the initiative of Login style journeys, aimed at learning about communal resource management both in Madrid (April) and in a small village in Galicia (June). The latter is a proposal by Fran Quiroga (@agricultor2_0) in collaboration with Login Madrid (see Login Lavapiés Market and Login Sierra Norte of Madrid).

This meeting is open to anyone interested in the proposals, in collaborating in any of them or in participating in the debate.

Follow the event live throug Twitter: #procomun

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