Medialab Prado


Second Training Session on Data Journalism: Data Analysis and Treatment

09.02.2012 17:30h

Place: Medialab-Prado · Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid

This is a training session on how to analyze databases and handle them so they answer the questions posed in one’s investigation. During this session, various software tools for data treatment will be presented (Excel, Google Refine y R). There will be a presentation on the proper use of statistics in the press. The lectures will be given by Mar Cabra, David Cabo, Josu Mezo and Carlos Ortega. [live streaming]





17:30h - 18:30h: Workshops

17:30h: Data cleaning: Google Refine, a workshop led by David Cabo [+info]

18:00h: Simple Analysis Using Excel, a workshop led by Mar Cabra [+info]

18:30h: Break

18:40h: Talks

18:40h: Journalism with Numbers for People in the Humanities, a workshop led by Josu Mezo [+info]

19:15h: R and aRound, a workshop led by Carlos Ortega [+info]

20:00h: The Proper Use of Statistics in the Press, a presentation by Malaprensa, blog by Josu Mezo [+info]

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