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Visualizar'07 symposium

Publication of texts and videos of the lectures and conferences presented during the Visualizar'07 international symposium, November 2007.

Visualizar'07 symposium

On the 12th, 13th and 23th November 2007 the Visualizar'07 international symposium took place at Medialab-Prado. Lectures were held by invited researchers, artists and designers and selected papers were presented. Here you can find the videos of the lectures and the complete texts of the presented papers.


  • Sheila Pontis - The History of Schematics in Data Visualization [+info]
  • Manuel Sánchez-Gestido - Information Visualization and Structured Knowledge[+info]
  • Daniel Rojas - On Network Topology Visualization[+info]
  • Paloma López - Research on Experimental Interactive Visualization of Etymological Knowledge [+info]
  • Domenico di Siena - Imaginario[+info]
  • Marcela Alejandra González - Information tools for Ethical Consumers [+info]
  • M Luz Congosto - Barriblog [+info]
  • Dietmar Offenhuber - Comment Flow [+info]


  • José Luis de Vicente: VISUALIZAR presentation [+info]
  • Ben Fry: Computational Information Design [+info]
  • Santiago Ortiz y Andrés Ortiz (Bestiario): Presentation of Bestiario projects [+info]
  • Ramon Guardans: From the Nippur School to EMEP: 4.000 years of data representation [+info]
  • Mark Hansen: Art and Stadistics [+info]
  • Fernanda Viégas: Many Eyes: Democratizing Visualization [+info]
  • Alberto Cairo: Visualization on Information in the Press [+info]
  • Adrian Holovaty: Journalism Via Computer Programming [+info]
  • Staffan Landin (Gapminder Foundation): ¿Is the World Improving? ¿Y por qué no nos damos cuenta? [+info]

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