Medialab Prado


Marcel·lí Antúnez: Sistematurgy

10.12.2009 19:30h

Place: Medialab Prado · Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid

Conference by artist and performer Marcel·lí Antúnez as part of the Helloworld! Contemporary stage creation and new technologies Workshop, about Sistematurgy or Dramaturgy on computational systems as other means of production and stage execution. [live streaming]

“What I call Systematurgy is the tool that I use to produce and execute my mechanical performances and some of my installations. “Systematurgy”, a neologism conformed by the terms “system” and “ dramaturgy”, reproduces and amplifies the technical structure surrounding a computer (interface, CPU and peripherals). This way interfaces transmit the orders of the actors and/or public through computing to means of representation such as image, sound, mechanics and robotics. What differences Systematurgy from other forms of stage creation is that in this one interfaces and computing are consubstantial elements.

Computing allows, among other things, the establishment of a network within different devices that expedites data transmission between various protocols, brings speed calculation and offers a massive data storage. Which means that it will facilitate the management of any complexity. But the use of Computer Science in Sistematurgy brings a sequence of questions that substancially modify the traditional systems of Stage Prodution.

The creation of contents is laborious and complex and requires extreme planning.

The production process demands the creation of certain specific prototypes from software and hardware.

The use of interfaces, specially the corporal ones, places the performer in a new category that blends actor, dancer and object manipulator in the same person.

Performance Communication/ the viewer is transformed.

Hypertext and interactivity affect the means of representation, the role of the viewer and the course of the work”

By Marcel·lí Antúnez 

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