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Data Journalism workgroup: Turning Data Into Stories: First Part


Place: Sala Lab (1º planta / 1st Floor)

The Data Journalism workgroup organises this workshop for the collective development of proposals related to data journalism under the guidance of experts. In this first part of the workshop we will be honoured by the presence of Mario Tascón (Prodigioso Volcán), Juanlu Sánchez (, Miguel Fiandor (Powerbits) and Ignacio Bustillo, I+D Stratebi.

Coordinator: Mar Cabra. Technical assistant: Alejandro Martín Jimeno

The projects, selected through an open call, will be developed by a number of workgroups. The workshop will take place between October the 25th and the  27th, 2013.

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Breaking news: programm of the worshop updated!
With the collaboration of the School of Data of the Open Knowledge Foundation and



Interactive by de The Guardian Gay Rights in the United States, state by state, winner of the Data Journalism Awards 2013.


Video Links

- Presentation of the Data Journalism Workshop. Mar Cabra, Sonia Díez Thale & Nerea García. [Video]

- Digital projects and data journalism in a media with low resources.  Juanlu Sánchez. [Video]

- Presentation of four of the projects selected for the workshop:

- Presentation of collaborators. [Video]

- Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) workshop with Kettle, led by Ignacio Bustillo. [Video]

- Scraping workshop with XPath. Miguel Fiandor. [Video]

- Ariadne's Thread: Or How Not To Get Lost Among Data. Mario Tascón. [Video]



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