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The Night for Books 2012. Who Makes a Living by Selling a Book? At the Crossroads of Reconversion

23.04.2012 17:00h - 19:00h

Place: Medialab Prado · Plaza de las Letras, C/ Alameda, 15 Madrid

Medialab-Prado, for the celebration of The Night for Books presents the activity Who makes a living by selling a book? At the Crossroads of Reconversion, a cycle of panel discussions proposed by the collective #Bookcamping that will be debating new digital formats, intellectual property and copyright, as well as the new editorial paradigm that emerges with Internet.

The #Bookcamping collective coordinates the work group #Bookcamping within the Commons Lab of the same name.

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“With Who makes a living by selling a book? At the Crossroads of Reconversion we want to reflect on who is capable of making a living within the editorial world, by starting with the answers given by two different authors, one who publishes with copyright and one who uses open licences. ‘Can you live off of the sales of your books?’ The answer is usually the same and categorical: ‘No. It’s only a few who manage. And it’s always the same few.’

With the universalization of the means of production, all of us can be creators, since these means allow the creation and distribution of the work of any person without the need of traditional agents.

This event aims to discuss the paths of the publishing industry, Internet, intellectual property and the new formats that are turning it on its head, from several points of view.

It seems like the big publishers only speak of creators and readers, reducing the debate on copyright, building a smoke screen to conceal many artists, whom they have not had a chance to shape and integrate. Lets talk of two different worlds and of their points in common. Lets build a positive discourse.” By #Bookcamping


5-6:15 pm: Panel 1: From the Book as an Object to Digital Ink
Moderator: #Bookcamping

The digital revolution has arrived and it seems to be outlining one unique solution for the publishing industry. A new ecosystem that is altering the entire chain of value: production, distribution and consumption, in the publishing tradition. Some affirm that an electronic book is not a book, it does not smell and its pages do not turn yellow. Will the traditional object be reduced to something more craft-like, to something addressed only to a minority of people? The dance of formats has begun.

Guests: Luis Collado of Google Books, Joan Carbonell Solsona of Icaria editorial, Beatriz Rodríguez of Musa a las 9, and David Sánchez of 24symbols.

6:30-7:45 pm: Panel 2. From All rights Reserved to Some Rights Reserved
Moderator: #Bookcamping

The impact of publishing 2.0 has resulted in a new morphology for copyrights and intellectual property, for in the contagion of net culture that Internet provides, digital rights of exploitation have dynamited what used to be common things such as benefit margins and permanent or long-lived royalties benefiting the publishers. It seems necessary to review the jurisprudence regarding all this, in order to adapt to the new realities stemming from the sovereignty that the law grants the author to dispose and decide over the way his or her works can be distributed and commercialized.

Guests: Mª Carmen Cuartero of Cedro, Constantino Bértolo of Caballo de Troya, David García Aristegui of Cultura Libre and Elisa Fuenzalida of Papel de fumar editorial.

8-9 pm: #liberalibros

Place? There where you see a red square mark on the floor, next to the digital façade

The idea is to bring one of your favourite books, the work of an author that has inspired you with all that life has to offer:  adventures, encounters, both good and bad; ruptures, questions… And give it to a stranger. There you will find other people that will exchange one of their books they brought for the one you brought.

Without any money involved, just us and the world, that is, literature. Also, in order to turn the red square into a perfect circle, you can take notes in the books before exchanging them, include personal quotes or underline selected paragraphs, and write in references to other books that this special one reminded you of.

You can also bring flash USBs or HDs carrying tittles. We will build a small infrastructure of electronic archives. Download, upload, copy, loan… The screen also deciphers secrets.

We cannot understand all of this without the meaning of passwords. We want to reveal everything. We read to burn our fingers, because we want to free books to start liberating cities.

We will wait for you at the red square!

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