Medialab Prado


Fridays Openlab 2016

26.02.2016 18:00h - 22:00h

Place: Alameda 0, Alameda 1 y Cantina

Medialab-Prado is programming once again Fridays Openlab, specifically the last Friday of every month. The idea is to establish a meeting point for old and new visitors, and a connexion between the different work groups that conform Medialab.

These informal and festive reunions will take place in the Cantina. There will be short presentations, time to debate and space for unforeseen events.


Repair Cafe

Reception of material from 5:00 PM
Repair Cafe is an informal meeting to repair ordinary objects, to learn to look at them differently and see in them new value. This session will focus on the repair of clothes. We will gather to learn and repair whatever  we bring.

Inhabiting Spaces: An Invitation to a Textile Intervention in Medialab-Prado

6:00 PM

“Tejiendo Medialab” Work Group sends out an invitation to intervene the space of Medialab-Prado with wool and textiles.
We invite you to help us Inhabit the Space: An Encounter to Intertwine people and places within Medialab, thus, making it for everybody, regardless of age or gender.
The aim is to recover a gray and lifeless space, filling it with color. Bring your creativity, will to knit and to have a good time together. 

Grigri Pixel Presentation

8:00 PM

“Afrohipster” Session

8:30 PM

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