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Fridays Openlab 2011 - 2012

Every Friday from 6 pm to 9 pm

Fridays Openlab are a space for encounter and experimentation open to all those interested in developing and collaborating in proposals, prototypes or experiments with electronic, interactive and sound objects, artificial vision, etc… taking under consideration the perspective of transdisciplinarity.

During its temporary location at Matadero Madrid Fridays Openlab are not physically active within the space of the medialab. More information coming soon. 

Viernes Openlab

It is a space for the encounter of (sub)groups interested in specific topics and projects always considering the possibilities of the cross-collaboration among these groups. Each activity is what configures Openlab Fridays a group (more or less identified) of Medialab-Prado's community of local users. 

Openlab Fridays 2011-2012 Working Groups

OpenFab: Our activities revolve around the fabrication of physical objects through virtual models/designs. Our objective is to learn and work with modeling/design 2D and 3D tools as well as machines that allow us to bring these models and designs to reality in addition to encouraging the DIWO work model. Nowadays we are working on the creation of prototypes using a 3D Thing-O-Matic printer. [+info]

VLab 4D: The Group for Advanced Experimental Visualization was created in 2010. Our projects and research seek new ways to use technology and advanced visualization to create connections between art and technology. Main topics developed are stereoscopy, video holograms, interactions and synesthetic perceptions. Currently we have 2 projects running: WML wearable music LEDs (an interactive LED costume reacting to sound) and Vision Project (hologram portraits created in real time with kinect). [+info]

Sentient City Lab 2011: A workshop on intelligent cities. Among our objectives stand to analyze Internet of things and imagine possible enriching results, to explore the limits of security, privacy and automatism desirable in a sensitive and ubiquitous environment and propose the citizen as a prosumer (versus a sole consumer of public data). [+info]

Cook it yourself!by the Gastronomical Society: Its an open workshop for culinary research, home science, technological resources and, just as love, for whatever comes out. In addition to cooking without staining, with no odor and in a simple manner, the group´s objectives are to share knowledge and define the commons in gastronomy and its culture, science and processes and to document the research and spread the experience. Cook it yourself! [+info]

C.i.r.e: Computer Club, robotics and electronics. We are a multidisciplinary group (industrial engineers, computer engineers, students…) working in electronics, mechanics and programming in the most economic matter. Since 2010 we have been fabricating and trying fast robots on a rolling race track in Medialab-Prado. Our intentions are to create projects based in our knowledge and to encourage the audience to participate, learn or teach. [+info]

La cosa radiactiva: Is a research project on radioactivity and how we culturally perceive it and imagine our coexistence with it and its dangers. The Project is divided in three phases: Research on the area´s zones of high radioactivity, development of a domestic software to measure radioactivity and a trip to area’s of abnormal radioactivity levels. [+info]

Replay: Working group on the audiovisual library for the conversion-manipulation of formats and the creation of an image and sound collective memory. We are trying to bring back products abandoned by technological obsolescence in order to revive personal memories and transform them into digital and collective ones, from the individual analogical to the commons bit. [+info]

[[DOmo It Yourself]]: a proposal for the creation of a low cost planetarium. The goal is to develop a method to project on domes and transform it afterwords to project on other curved surfaces. Thanks to these kind of projections it is possible to research on topics such as immersive environments, video games, or explore other physical and stage possibilities. [+info]

Videoframesh: This learning/work group is within the self-directed and shared project Master DIWO. Of the senses involved in the experience of using a computer, sight and hearing, along with touch to a lesser degree, are the main interface through which learning and mediation processes take place. The appearance of HTML5 opens up multiple audiovisual possibilities on the Internet, lending it a growing specific weight within this environment, appearing along with what is called Open Video. This work group arose from the observation of several experiments with video in the context described and from an eagerness and curiosity about carrying out our own audiovisual experiments.[+info] a telecommunications network, open, free and neutral because is built through a peer to peer agreement where everyone can join the network by providing his connection, and therefore, extending the network and gaining connectivity to all.

Para estar al tanto de las actividades de los Viernes OpenLab y de asuntos relacionados, apúntate a la lista de correo. También puedes consultar el wiki de los Viernes Openlab.

También puedes visitar el foro de los Viernes OpenLab.


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