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VISUALIZAR'08: Database City - List of selected projects and papers

List of selected projects and papers for the VISUALIZAR'08: DATABASE CITY workshop, which will take place from November 3 through 18, 2008.


· In the Air, by Nerea Calvillo (Spain)

· MURMUR, by Writing Academic English (Italia)

· Density Happens: Cause and Effect in Urban Demography, Landscape and Lifestyles, by Javier Candeira (Spain/Australia)

· Much Ado About Nothing, by Iván Huelves Illas (Spain)

· BCNoids, by Marina Rocarols and Enrique Soriano (Spain)

· Lazarillo GPS, by Carolina Paola Caluori Funes (Spain)

· Ecovisualizacion- Ecoanalogizacion: Modelo de Ciudad Biocentrico, by Francisco Castillo (Spain)

· Brecha Digital Urbana, by María Paz Revuelta (Spain)


·BCN Heartbeat. Martín Méndez Falcato (Spain)

·Beyond the Edifice: Architectural Visualization Reconsidered. Greg J. Smith (Canada)

·A visual analytics approach for the understanding of urban datasets. Roberto Therón (Spain) and Roberto Ranon (Italia)

·The Invisible Display – Design Strategies for Ambient Media in the Urban Context. Dietmar Offenhuber (Austria)

·Madrid Zero: Distributed Urban Networks of Political Artefacts. Víctor Viña (Spain)

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