Medialab Prado


Visualizar'15 Seminar “Commoning Data”

05.05.2015, 06.05.2015 10:30h - 20:30h

Place: Auditorio - 2º planta - Medialab-Prado

This seminar combines talks and the presentation of the 8 selected projects to be developed during the international prototyping workshop Visualizar'15, that takes place from May 5 to 20. Visualizar'15 is part of the Ojo al Data program.

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Visualizar '15 Commoning Data


May 5th

10:30 Presentation of Visualizar'15: Commoning data. Presentation by the team of Medialab-Prado and introduction to the seminar by José Luis de Vicente.
11:00 Carlos Gil Bellosta: The triad (of data analysis). Corollaries for the here and now. [+info]

12:00 Coffee - Break

12:30 Aurelia Moser: Visualizing Flux: Mapping Matter, Making Change. [+info]
13:30 Project of Jose Jordana Carrera and Ál Cano Santana: Portraying the commons of the self-managed network Guifinet [+info]

16:30 Project of Martín Nadal: Maps of discontent [+info]
17:00 David Cabo (Fundación Ciudadana Civio): Open data for the common good. [+info]
18:00 Maria G. Navarro: Big Data in deliberation environments. [+info]


May 6th

10:00 Project of Samuel Ortíz Reina: ReforMad – Urbanites can improve Madrid [+info]
10:30 Project of Alberto Labarga Gutiérrez: Life Stories – Reconstructing the Democratic Memory [+info]
11:00 Marc Garriga Is openness (of data, of governments) THE solution to indignation? [+info]

12:00 Coffee - Break

12:30 Olivier Núñez (Instituto de Salud Carlos III): Revealing the geographical pattern of cancer–smoothing and confounding factors. [+info]
13:30 Diego Ramiro Fariñas (CCHS-CSIC): Longitudinal Population Registers and Spatial Data Infrastructure: Examples of the Reuse of Administrative Data for Research. [+info]

16:30 Project of Manuel Rodríguez: cityApi dashboard (for madrid) [+info]
17:00 Project of Concha Catalan: The seismograph of the Generalitat of Catalunya [+info]
17:30 Project of Enrique Pérez Martín: [+info]
18:00 Greg Bloom: Open Referral. Solving the Community Resource Data Problem [+info]


May 7th

10:00 (Alameda 1) Collaborators presentation and building of workgroups around projects

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