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Call for collaborators. Visualizar'15: Commoning data (data for the common good)

Call to collaborate in the project workshop Visualizar'15: Commoning data (data for the common good), that will be carried out from May 5 to 20, 2015. Collaborators will participate in the production of the selected projects. The workshop is complete with a series of conferences and meetings.

Free registration. Deadline: May 4, 2015.

Medialab-Prado offers free lodging to collaborators in youth hostels during the workshop (limited seating, shall on request and by order of registration).


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> Appointment of participants in the workshop
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Call for Collaborators: April 9 to May 4, 2015

Advisor: José Luis de Vicente

Workshop mentors: Adolfo Antón Bravo, Carlos J. Gil Bellosta y Aure Moser.

Technical mentor: Chema Blanco



Project dates:

  • May 5 and 6: meeting and conference programme
  • From May 7 to 20: development workshop
  • From May 22 to June 6: outcomes display


About this call

Medialab-Prado publishes a call for all those interested in participating in Visualizar'15: Commoning data (data for the common good) workshop as a collaborator in one of the workgroups that will develop the selected projects.

The collaborator is basic in the planning and development of the workshops at Medialab-Prado, thus these are conceived as spaces for collaborative work, knowledge exchange and theoretical and practical training. It is an environment in which there is an horizontal relationship among mentors, developers and the collaborators.

According to its field of interest, each collaborator can be part of the development team in more than one of the selected proposals bringing his/her knowledge and ideas to the workgroup and, at the same time, learning from the group and the mentors. However, we suggest that employees focus on a proposal to ensure greater commitment with it during all phases of the workshop.

As it is specified in the rules, the names of the collaborators will appear in the project’s credits. Also, Medialab-Prado will give a document certifying the participation in the workshop to all the participants that request it.
The workshop runs full time from May 7 to 20, 2015.

During the workshop early stages collaborators will introduce itselfs. That presentation must be made in Pecha Kucha format: An informal and simple presentation by 20 slides showed in 20 seconds each.

If you are interested, fill the FORM that you will find below and send it before November 9, 2014 (see guidelines below).

If you have any questions, please check our frequently asked questions (faq) or write to


Appointment of participants in the workshop

Since there is no selection process for collaborators, all received inscriptions will be accepted until availability is filled. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an automatic mail confirmation informing that your data has been successfully received, which means that you have already earned participation in the workshop. Having a place as a collaborators does not mean necesarily that you have a place at the hostel (please see below).



For residents out of Madrid, Medialab-Prado will cover for the stay of a limited number of participants at the youth hostels MAD hostel and during the dates of the celebration of the workshop. Each space will be allocated by strict order of registration. Therefore, signing in as a collaborator does not necessarily guarantee that you have a place in the Hostel. Don’t forget to indicate in the form the dates of your stay (Maximum stay: Check-in May 4 and check-out May 22, 2015), and Medialab-Prado will get in touch with you for a final reservation. The last day to ask for a place is April 27 

Medialab-Prado does not cover traveling costs nor other expenses during the stay.


Medialab-Prado Community

Workgroups will begin to form from now through the Community, a specific social network where interested persons may contact the project developers and other partners to raise questions, comments or possible ways of collaboration. The groups will finish settling during the initial presentation of projects.


Guidelines to complete the form

1. In the area “Comments” you should indicate:

  • Availability to participate in the workshop (a strong commitment is recommended since it is an intensive workshop).
  • Title of the Project in which you would like to participate (if you have decided already).

2. Accommodation: Shared rooms in youth hostel, breakfast included. Limited vacancies. Each vacancy will be allocated by strict order of registration. Maximum stay: Check-in May 4 and check-out May 22, 2015.


Authorship and Intelectual Property

* The activity will be recorded in video with audio format and broadcast via the MLP website. Taking part in the activity entails authorising MLP to fix, reproduce, distribute and publicly communicate the image rights of participants and attendees, enabling the recorded video and audio to be broadcast to the general public via any media and, in particular, via the Internet, granting transformation rights in order to adapt the work to the medium on which it is fixed or for storage purposes. If the video and audio are broadcast publicly in partial form, MLP will do everything in its power to not alter the recorded content in any way. Access provided by MLP to the recorded material for the general public will not involve any financial compensation whatsoever. The work will be broadcast with a user license that enables any user to freely play and broadcast it by any means. Together with the work, MLP will provide a link to the aforementioned license so that the user can inform themselves of its terms and conditions. The license cession is understood to be for the legally permitted maximum period and with worldwide territorial coverage.

* Speakers must expressly sign an authorisation permitting their image rights to be used by MLP as well as granting the intellectual property rights for their talk in accordance with the institution's purpose of free cultural dissemination.

* To be able to submit bids for this activity, provided the texts, photographs or videos (the works) sent to MLP have been accepted, participants must obtain a license for their works that permits MLP to publish them in any physical or digital format with the maximum territorial coverage and the maximum period of time permitted by law, and they must allow them to be transformed so they may be broadcast or distributed in the best possible way. Once the works have been selected and while the activity is in progress, the author is obliged to allow any other participants in the activity that is the subject of the call to use their work as a basis for producing other derivative works.
Equally participants must store their code in a publicly accessible repository (for example, and obtain an open license for it that allows it to be reused.

* Materials provided by MLP will remain the property of this institution even if they have been mixed inseparably with materials provided by the participant. Participants must remove objects provided and not used within a maximum period of 15 days from the date the activity was completed. After this period has elapsed, MLP reserves the right to dispose of the goods unilaterally as it sees fit.

By participating in this open call you agree and accept all the terms and conditions of the process.


Terms of use