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The Citizen Science workstation offers a meeting point for professional scientists and citizens that wish to learn how to use new technologies within the field of so-called citizen science.

The current success of international projects such as Einstein@Home by the Instituto Max Plank or GalaxyZoo of Citizen Science Alliance have allowed citizens to participate in research projects. The new models established by this kind of projects make it possible for citizens to become “amateur scientists”.

The station is the result of a collaboration between the Citizen Cyberscience Centre – established in 2009 by the CERN, UNITATR of United Nations and the University of Geneva – and Medialab-Prado, and its objective is to bring together citizens and researchers, and enable the accessibility and understanding of open code technologies and the knowledge surrounding issues of citizen science that have been in development within the Citizen Cyberscience Centre.

The Citizen Cyberscience Centre has identified three kinds of citizen science, which are known as volunteer computing, where the citizens participate in scientific projects by donating their resources (such as computers) for certain amounts of time, to contribute to the elaboration of, for instance, scientific simulations; volunteer thinking, where the citizens take on a more active role, since they personally participate in the scientific project; and, finally, volunteer sensing, where the citizens, thanks to new technologies, help in the gathering of data from different scientific projects.

The workstation will present open code technologies that can be used for all three types of citizen science, as well as projects that the center is currently participating in.

Projects in development:
· LHC@Home. CERN’s Test4Theory, where volunteers can temporarily donate their computer to elaborate simulated collisions of particles.

·, where citizens from around the globe can help in the analysis of international deforestation by just using their computer and a connection to Internet.

· A platform where professional and amateur scientists can create their own scientific projects with the participation of citizens from around the world, whom might help solve problems and/or gather data.

Coordinated by Daniel Lombraña.

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